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Huge! The alleged lover of Kanigia responded to Mariana Nannis

The model went to talk and pointed to the blonde.

For a few days the name of Sofia Bonelli is on the lips of everyone. This is due to the fact that some audio signals are broadcast where Claudio Paul's wife Cannagia is heard, who offends the girl and claims she is the third in disarray. However, the model was tired of the charges and decided to put an end to the problem, clarifying the details that were not clear yet.

The young woman decided to speak on the Pamela a la Tarde program and to tell her what she was doing. – I am on vacation. I laughed with laughter about this since I got up in the morning. It's strange, but I understand where everything comes from. Guys, the only thing I'm gonna say is I have nothing to do with it. I skip and talk for the first time and nothing else, "the journalist began.

"I do not care to be a public person, I do not care BailandoThey offered me everything, and I sucked an egg. The only thing I want to make clear to you is not to color my name, I'm talking to the lawyer who came out to talk about me without knowing me without an idea, "continued Sofia, referring to Juan Manuel Dragani, Mariana's attorney , and continued, "I do not use a computer, I have a tablet and a cell phone, he has no idea or knows me, he has no IP address, nothing, he speaks all the lies.

On the other hand, she confirmed that she never broadcasts the wiretap and that she was absolutely sure that the man in charge of doing this maneuver was nothing more than Mariana Nannis. "Audiences are sent by Mariana who sends them all over the world. I am very aware of everything. Do not mess with me because you and she will end up eating a complaint. Because no one will hurt me. Less and less I see my name, my pictures, because I'm not a public person or I'm interested in all that, "he said.

On the other hand, he was very categorical when he announced that he had no connection with the journalist and that he did not want to continue to adhere to the figure of Caniggia. "I do not care to talk about Claudio Paul! Talk to him! I do not care, I do not look for it all, I do not see anything. What I want to clarify is that the attorney stops telling things that do not make me pollute because the other one says he pollutes me, "he said.

He also claims that Mariana Nannis harasses her and even sends her to scare. – I had to get out of my house. This is not a joke. I want to destroy it, but I have codes. He always sends me third parties, third people who tell me in the name of the Ministry of Justice, in the name of Mariana, I tell you this. Now I'm going to public place because they're messing with me, but I've been living since March. I have evidence, but I do not make it public, because that is seen in justice, "he said.

We must remember that Caniggia also went out to speak and confirm that she had been separated for a year and a half and had no communication with her ex-wife. The divorce to be done is significant because it is estimated at about $ 6 million for the large number of properties and associations they have together. So far, everyone understands how to start the process.

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