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"I defended my life because I saw death nearby," said the doctor who killed the thief – 24.04.2019

"I protected my life because I saw death close. Doctor Lino Vilar Cataldo's statement (64), this Wednesday in the courts in San Martin, was in line with what he expressed last weekend in an interview with hunting horn,

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As expected, he confined himself to defending himself when he murdered the thief, Ricardo Crabler, 24, who, three years ago, wanted to steal his car and ended up with four bullets in Loma Hermosa.

In addition, declaring himself an accused to a popular jury in San Martin's courts, he assured him that he had never intended to kill anyone.

– I was shooting because I felt they were killing me at the moment, there has always been a verbal threat: "I will kill a son of a bitch, and he pointed me with that gun that scares someone," said Vilar Cataldo at the TOC 3 in San Martin, Judge Caroline Martinez, where he is judged for the murder of Nunu Krabler.

Lino Villar Cataldo.

Lino Villar Cataldo.

The doctor, dressed in gray trousers, jacket and brown boots, told the popular jury about the situation that happened on August 26, 2016 outside his office, and answered the questions of prosecutor Noemi Carreira, his defender Diego Spigiel and a representative of the mother of the victim , Juan Carlos Maggie.

According to his testimony, he bought a 9-millimeter caliber pistol, which he registered "legally" because he was "attacked seven times", two of them are in his house in the form of "enterdera."

Vilar Cataldo said the pistol was "always kept in a drawer" of his office and that "fateful night" had finished his job as usual, then took Toyota Corolla to the sidewalk and talked to a neighbor who had arrived. before.

Ricardo "Nunu" Krabler (24). His mother said she had "an operation," but she did not know she was going to steal.

Ricardo "Nunu" Krabler (24). His mother said she had "an operation," but she did not know she was going to steal.

At one point, his attorney handed him a glass of water that he took when his voice rang into some excerpts from the statement.

"I left the car on the go with a light beacon sitting in the car to shut it off because I had to close the gate and hold the gun I left in the stonework, they hit me with the pistol tube(Krabler) pulled me wildly and threw me on the floor.

According to his version, the criminal has entered his vehicle with which he has "rolled", so he felt "terrible knee pain" and "instead of coming back and moving" fast forward to transfer it. again.

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"I take the gun of the stoner and try to get up, I do not remember how I did it, I can not say in what position I was.

The fact is that all the police experts who testified in the oral debate agreed that the shots were shot "top-down" and that the shooter was "upright."

"I shot because I felt they were killing me at the moment, everything went on for five seconds– he said.

The man who previously said he was born in Paraguay but arrived in Argentina at the age of 14 and studied at the University of La Plata because "since he was a boy he wanted to be a doctor," he said, that he only wants to "avoid a shot" to him. ,

"I never meant to kill anyone, just to avoid the murder, protect my life because I saw death close.""I thought they were killing me," said Vilar Cataldo.

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He also denied that he had committed the murder to restore the car because he believed that "it's good that has insurance"And that was the replacement of another that was stolen two months ago, according to Telam,

Prosecutor Careyra and lawyer Maggie were questioned about the version he gave one day after the incident in which he claimed that when the criminal had taken him out of his car, he fell "almost in the cordon".

"It may be that with the shock of the moment I thought I had fallen later and may be in the middle of the path," said the doctor, who also explained that he could transfer it with the wheel. front left or body ", which is" ten inches from the floor ".

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After the investigation, Judge Martinez went to the fourth interim time until Thursday at 9am when the parties' allegations. Then the popular jury will continue to discuss the verdict.

Vilar Cataldo came to be charged with charges "Usually murder is aggravated by the use of firearms"As a result of the incident that happened at the door of his office on El Ombou 6865, in Loma Hermosa, he turned to a criminal.

According to the prosecutor Diana Mayko, the striker hit him on the head, went into the robbery's cabin and found himself dead with four shots from the accused.

For the investigator on the case, when the doctor decided to shoot, his life was no longer at risk, so his only desire was to return the car.

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