Sunday , June 13 2021

In 2018, food and beverages were exported to more than $ 25,000 million

Exports of grapes grew by 61.9%, which is almost 90 million Yours sincerely: Marcello Aguilar

In 2018, exports of food and beverages reached $ 25,316 million, or 41.1% of total deliveries in Argentina.

The information is derived from data collected by the National Food and Drink Directorate on the basis of Indec, which revealed that two foods showed a significant increase: peaches, which rose 496%, with sales of $ 3.46 million, and rice cereal snacks with an increase of 450% and $ 7.56 million.

As far as the regional sales of food and beverages are concerned, they amount to 6600 million dollars, 30% of total food exports.

Regional sales of food and beverages amounted to about $ 6,600 million
Regional sales of food and beverages amounted to about $ 6,600 million

"In the export year, we know that Argentine foods are improving in the world thanks to their quality and high added value, it is an effort for everyone, not just to support it, but we must continue to work to open up more markets, That's our goal, "said Andres Murchison, Secretary of Food and Bio-Economics.

Within the top ten products in the list, which account for 80% of total food exports last year, seven of them showed an increase in their external sales. Most notable are beef, milk powder, fish products and pears.

Similarly, black currant is exported for two million dollars, valerian sales are increased by $ 2.5 million, and the Tolu balsam used for gum production and as a flavor has a record of 5.2 million. of dollars.

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