Monday , June 14 2021

In 2018, food exports exceeded $ 25 billion

Export of food and drinks they represent 41.1% of all external sales and in 2018 they reached a total of $ 25.316 million. The average exported price was the highest since 2015, reaching $ 637 per tonne, the company said today Secretary of Agribusiness,

The official report is based on data from National Food and Beverage Directorate as well as the National Statistics Institute and the census of the Argentine Republic (INDEC). As for regional food and drink, some of them showed increases, such as peaches, which rose by 496% in the past year.

In this way, they reached 3.4 million dollars in sales, which is the highest value in the last six years. They are followed by rice cereal snacks, which have grown by 450% to make a total of $ 7.5 million. The truth is that regional sales of food and drink amounted to 6.6 billion dollars.

It is worth mentioning that this represents 30% of total food exports. "In the year of export, we know that Argentine foods are improving in the world because of their quality and high added value, it is an effort for all and not only have to support it but we must continue to work to open more markets., stressed Secretary of Food and Bio-Economy Andres Murchison.

Among the top ten products in the list, which accounted for 80% of total food exports last year, seven of them showed an increase in their external sales. The most remarkable were. T beef, powdered milk, fishery products as well pears, states the official report.

At the same time, curry exports reached $ 2 million, increased valerian sales by $ 2.5 million, and toll balm that was used to produce chewing gum as well as a flavor – reaching a record $ 5.2 million. These are products that have not been trading for years, says the secretary of agribusiness.

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