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In addition to TD, Bocca has to determine who will run the dressing room: the four keys for the reconstruction

Tevez returns to Boca from China in order to win Libertadores and suffers from great anxiety Credit: Reuters

It was not a match, it was the final break of the cycle. Defeat with


, at the end of

Libertadores Cup

, in Madrid, every planning that can be planned has blown in the air


Questions accumulate, pass and solve the immediate problems associated with emblematic footballers, with genealogy, is another asterisk that leaders will need to analyze. The departure of Schelotto Barros from the technical direction, discovering the successor and defining the future of the

Carlos Tevez


Pablo Peres


Fernando Gago

Hurry up the agenda.

Guillermo does not follow, what will happen to the referees?

Reaching Copa Libertadores after the home two-way match can also lead to a disappointing year. Since the occupation of the seventh was Boca's exclusive goal for 2018, and basically from the moment when the ultimate, huge impact was given by the river. Madrid was Waterloo's purse.

What is approaching is the football reconfiguration, which will start driving and will continue in players where the focus is on the referees.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto will not continue in the technical direction. If the coach decides not to go beyond the final result, the result in Santiago Bernabeu did not make the leaders consider reconsideration. Those with a valid relationship are Pablo Peres, Carlos Tevez and Fernando Gago, but that does not guarantee that they will continue.

Pablo Perez, captain between applause and condemnation

A visible face of the two lost river finals and a tense relationship with the fans, Pablo Pérez may leave the club in the context of a renewal. His volcanic character, positive for active participation in the game, exposed him more than once because of his reactions. Gemini realized his importance in the team and the protagonist between his teammates and the captain, but with the people who never achieved unanimous approval. Not only that, it was even interpreted and questioned.

Pablo Peres, the captain of the cycle, had moments of reception with people and others not so many
Pablo Peres, the captain of the cycle, had moments of reception with people and others not so many Credit: Reuters

The first part of the year happened in April when, after making a goal for Talleres, insults started against the popular gallery. The next request for apology was not enough to eliminate the indignation. He returns to a star in defiant behavior, also with the same fate as he helps Mauro Zarate in the first round of Final 4 against Cruzeiro. Finally, the gesture of throwing the floor strip to be replaced in the Madrid final also fell badly among the fans.

Since 2015 he has worn Boca's shirt in more than 100 games. The next few weeks will mark the transfer abroad.

Tevez, the idol who relinquished: a new or a new one?

Carlos Tevez's face after the defeat in Real Madrid showed disappointment. He had played the last 10 minutes of the definition of 120. Cupid's longing was disturbed, as had already happened at his first return.

At the beginning of the year, he returned from the volunteer and profitable Chinese exile with obsession to pick up Copa Libertadores. However, his participation was secondary, and in the maximum South American tournament he only played 433 minutes. So, he had to adapt to another role. He did not lose prestige in the team, but in the field he was shot down as long as he even substituted in alternative formations.

Following the elimination of the 2016 semi-finals against Independent Del Valle, a license was issued when

Guillermo Barroso The Shell

he publicly rejected this opportunity. The next step was to leave the club with a cold farewell video. In return, to win the blue and gold bowl, it was the engine that forced him.

Boca will play at Libertadores next year, and Tevez's alternatives will again fight for a place with new coaching staff or re-establish their fate in distant football and with less pressure.

Gago, another serious injury and a big deal

Fernando Gaggo's body looks angry about his football career. This time Achilles' tendons on the right foot (not the left, as he had already suffered twice), determines his future as a professional footballer.

The kinship and the menaces that were broken in this game of the national team against Peru forced him to be rehabilitated, which no longer allowed him to get to a good version. Thus, the Axis leadership, which was a capital estimated by Schelotto Barros, collapsed.

Fernando Gago, victim of new trauma; his future is uncertain
Fernando Gago, victim of new trauma; his future is uncertain Credit: AP

The rumors that had recently warned him of his retirement annoyed him, even the anger was bigger to believe that the test balloon had begun by the club itself.

Possible routes that are presented do not cross and mark different destinations. One is linked to another long recovery and once again to refuge in the sustainability that kept him in transit, suggesting the previous trauma. The other is to decide to close a career that includes, besides Boca, European football, the title of the world champion of the U20 and the silver medal in the Brazilian Match World Cup 2014.

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