Friday , January 15 2021

In Cordoba he was arrested in a chronicle

Guillermo Campanile, A 66-year-old man who knew how to be a member of the Argentinian Air Force and who had been under a national and international arrest warrant for crimes against humanity coming from a Mendoza federal court in 2014, was arrested at the Córdoba City Center .

The investigation that allowed it to be captured was carried out by provincial agents of the designated province of the Argentine Federal Police, which in recent weeks has begun to track the traces of data found next to General Paz, according to the sources of that force.

His mania go to play at the betting shop to bet everyday, he likes a counter and is the key to his fears.

Campanil has an arrest warrant since 2014

Campanile was born in Cordoba, but much of his military career was developed in Mendoza.

Initially, however, the search did not find it, so it was necessary to deepen telephone interference.

Then, among the calls to a sister who lives in Mendoza, the data that the researchers wanted to hear, appeared: By Tuesday, Tuesday, he would meet at Planet Gallery, 250 General Pass, in the center of Cordoba, which is about to order the repair of clothes.

At the time of the arrest of the oppressor.

Several civilian policemen were detained, who were kept in the neighborhood, until around noon they saw that a person came in to meet the physical characteristics of Campanile. The agents roared over him and the soldier knew he was lost – he did not resist.

They put him in a patrol car and transferred him to the Federal Police base in Cordoba. From there, they talked to federal court No. 1 of Mendoza responsible for that Walter Ricardo Bentoto initiate rigorous procedures and thus be able to transfer it as soon as possible to Quyu province.

Campanile was among the most wanted fugitives in the country of the search site, a program that depends on the Nation's Security Ministry and was offered by those who provided accurate information about his whereabouts, a 500,000 pesos prize.

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