Wednesday , January 20 2021

In November, the consumer paid 525% more in the cabin lift than the manufacturer charges

According to the agency, The price difference between origin and destination for this type of food increased by 5.8 points in the same month.

This situation also occurs in the context of a decline in sales, especially in fruit such as orange, mandarin, red pepper and pumpkin.

The data comes from Ínsays about prices in origin and destination (IPOD) , which develops CAME's sector of regional economies based on what is published in online newspapers of major supermarkets in Argentina.

As far as agricultural products are concerned, the difference between the burden on the producer and what happened in the cabin lift is 566%, an increase of 7 points compared to the previous month.

The food with bigger gaps in November was: the orange, which multiplied its price by 13.7 times since leaving the field; red pepper with a multiplication of 8.57 times; red apple 8.11 times; mandarin with 6.86 times and pear 6.54 times.

The products with minimal differences between one selling stage and the other are egg and chicken, as the consumer paid only 2.51 times what the producer received – 3.12 times more and the round tomatoes (about 3.48 times).

Dante Javier Grigorato, vice president of the Citrus Federation of Entre Ríos (FeCiER), explained this "Many enterprise manufacturers choose to shop directly on the market and sometimes they do not even sell what they have, leading to the discarding of the remaining fruit",

"Imports have increased a lot in recent months due to devaluation and because they can not update sales prices, they are at a loss," he said.

The producer's share of the final food price was reduced in November to 22% on average, compared with 22.9% in the previous month.

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