Wednesday , June 16 2021

In the Intermediate Room Negotiations between … failed

After several hours of tension that included the first interim quarter, Buenos Aires teachers categorically rejected Governor Maria Evgenia Vidal's salary proposal at the first joint session of the year that ended without a reboot date. "The proposal was for 2019 with a quarterly renewal clause, we are proposing a recovery of 2018 wage losses by 32% that they have imposed and 47.6% of inflation," the secretary warned. General of the Federation of Educators from Buenos Aires (FEB), Mirta Petrokini, last night after leaving the meeting.

After claiming equality for weeks, the Buenos Aires teachers yesterday began salary negotiations with the Vidal administration. Trade union representatives who form the Unity of Learning in Buenos Aires (FUDB) have asked the media to launch the tutoring paradigm that led to the first conflict and led to the first interim room of about two hours. When the meeting resumed, the Buenosiren government suggested to the educational unions that the 2019 parity is equal to the inflation indexed by INDEX, with automatic monthly updates in the first three months of the year and soon in a quarterly form.

However, teachers rejected the proposal of the provincial government not to include the recovery of last year's lost purchasing power, estimated at more than 15%. "We have also raised the issue of infrastructure and safe schools, and we ask the Labor Minister to certify with school school consistency the conditions for habitation without risk for the entire educational community," added Petrokini.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the La Plata Ministry of Economy in the afternoon. At the beginning of the meeting, Udocba head Miguel Díaz complained to the authorities in Buenos Aires province that the meeting was televised and that the media remained in the room to convey the discussion through networks to achieve. greater "transparency". Buenos Aires Economics Minister Hernán Lacunza rejected Díaz's request and requested a private meeting. Given the failure of Lacunza, the climate of the meeting has become rare, and there have been verbal aggressions and insults among union leaders and employees who ended with the suspension of the meeting.

"You have two deaths and you have done nothing. Do not worry, you are not interested in education. What are you for? What are you doing? "Said Diaz of Gabriel Sanchez Zinni, Director-General of Culture and Education, regarding Sandra Calamano and Ruben Rodriguez, the teachers who died on August 2 last year after Moreno's school explosion.

"Will you get us back 15.6 percent?", Asked Diaz again before the meeting was postponed, this time considering the loss of purchasing power of educators in Buenos Aires province. ,

Prior to the conclave, Secretary General of Sutheba, Roberto Barradel, asked Governor Vidal to fulfill his commitment that "teachers will not lose purchasing power with inflation."

"The beginnings of the classes on March 6 will depend on Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal," Baradell said.

Teachers come to lose income for two years in a row: in 2018, their salaries have fallen by 16%, and in 2017 they have already suffered another drop of 7 points. Trade unions want to recover lost earnings and reach an agreement by 2019 which again does not result in losses against inflation.

Although there is no date, the trade unions have asked the provincial government to resume the discussion as soon as possible. According to trade union sources, they could meet again next week. The discussion takes place within the framework of the country's adjustment program, with a national government which in 2017 escaped, and in 2018 eliminated the federal teachers' parity, transferring to the provinces the full weight of wage negotiations.

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