Saturday , July 24 2021

"Inflation in February will be another headache"

Villa Kohan, in his column of the economy, gave information on the inflation prospects in February. Expectations are what will happen to the dollar after last week the Central Bank had to give up trying to lower the interest rate, "he said, introducing the question.

For Kohan, the dollar will stabilize between 39 and 40 at the wholesale retailer, and the government is determined to keep the interest rate as high as is necessary to avoid triggering the dollar. Faced with this situation, political comments confirm the problematic election campaign. You can not go to the pre-election campaign with the dollar every week, says the analyst. The active involvement of the Central Bank so that the dollar remains stable is the cause of severe criticism. While the unit is excused, saying that not the interest rate interventions, and their maneuvers are to control the monetary aggregates.

On Friday, March 1st, Mauriceio Macri will be in Congress and will deliver a lecture. We need to see if there is any reference to the economy of the future, to the forthcoming reforms, to the pension issue, to taxation, to the labor issue, "augur Kohan. He feels that everything is approved and that in March Argentina will receive about 10 billion dollars from the Fund and adds that harvests from dollars are coming from April and May.

Despite the possible stability of the economy, Kohan says that "inflation in February will be yet another headache," said Ellipis. inflation may reach 4% in that month, indicating that the interest rate will remain solid in the number already provided by the Central Bank.

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