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Injury and abuse TV

Gasala came out with the press, and DeBrito came out to cross him very ugly. The humorist said everything to the nod

Antonio Gasala's attitude to the media has not been the best for some time. With his reappearance with the press, the actor once again showed that nothing has changed. This time, the bad moment was experienced by Santiago Rivva Roy, a Los Angeles writer of the mañana, when he went to search for Gasalla at the airport for a note.

"I'm not answering questions," was the humorous humorous response as soon as the note approached to talk to him. Then went on badly when asked if he would make the theater with Flavio Mendoza: "Well, if you know what you are asking me for? You can not spend your life with questions, your brain will be empty. Develop a concept for you. "The time became more ugly when Antonio called to Santiago:" I left the middle, stop fucking me! "Do not break my eggs!" And even close the car door, so that Riva Roy had to come in order not to catch her hand.

"Why did you become an old boy, Antonio?" The truth is, I do not understand because he went to ask well and everyone was doing well with Perciavalle. Angel de Britto, conductor and journalist

He looked angrily

After returning to the apartment at the intersection, Angel de Briteau came out of the poor attitude towards the painter. "That's how we started in the morning with all the good vibration and humor of Gasala. Why are you so angry, Antonio? What's wrong? I do not understand why it's so bad with the chroniclers, "the driver said.

Rage: "I left the middle, stop fucking me!" Do not break my eggs! "He told the actor

De Brito reminded Gasalla that the press sympathized with him after Carlos Perciavalle made terrible statements about his health: "Why did I become an old boy, Antonio? The truth is I do not understand because he went to ask well and all behaved well with Perciavalle, and the only thing he does is misuse – in this case Santiago, but he has done it countless times.

After showing various episodes of Antonio, who mistreated journalists, the driver said he was "not like that" and was closed by sending greetings.

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