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Instagram can be a new type of influential account

Instagram tries a new profile type for influential

Instagram, the social network that already has more than one billion active users, test new profile type for influential people, outstanding personalities and artistsWith this new feature, the platform will offer exceptional tools for these profiles with a large number of users.

The creator, the new profile Instagram tested influential people

Instagram is one of the social networks more growth has been sustained in recent years, After leaving behind the Snapchat ignorance, the platform is ready to fight in the big leagues offering similar tools to those already reported by other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube,

Indeed, in the last days for which we have news improvements the platform performs, as a complete rethinking of its interface, including the "Profile" section, and recent voice memos in direct messages.

New tools to influence Instagram

But now, a new rumor ensures that social networking for video and photos trying a new profile type: CreatorAs the The Verge highlights, this new account type is designed for prominent platform users and even, will be tested by a small number of people,

Among the exceptional features of this new account will be the opportunity filtering direct messages by reading, unread and flagged as inappropriate or spam and they also offer a more detailed analysis statistics for your followers,

The information resulting from an article published by The Hollywood Reporter states that Instagram's intention is to provide this target audience better use of experience in the social network.

Ashley Yuki (product manager at Instagram) said on the website that this is correct the first step in a number of improvements which will seek to encourage the creation of quality content in the social platform by offering larger tools that the company profile already contributes to.

Instagram tries a new profile type for influential

With these Instagram measures, will you be able to compete with your Facebook and YouTube cousins? It's hard to know. What we can guarantee is that the social network is about to consolidate its positioning as an alternative to influential people or brands you are looking for to gain popularity on the Internet,

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