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Intelligent warehouses: from San Telmo to the world – 25.11.2018

ABB, the abbreviation of Asea Brown Boveri, is a multi, whose headquarters is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and has been with us for nearly a century with electrical equipment and robots of all kinds. Its division into the southern cone is led by Brazilian Jose Paiva, who says that despite the crisis, they close 2018 in terms of volume of sales as in 2017, another indicator of the dynamics of renewable energy sources where they provide generators , and that investment in technology is the last to fall.

but The major innovation of the company is its Argentine engineers' workgroup, which designed intelligent warehouses These include robots, computerized goods handling systems, and self-propelled trucks with electric motors. After introducing three to Molinos, another one with Telekomics, in which the robot named YuMi debuts these days, and others with Mondelez and McCain, highlighted the one they developed for YPF. This is a storage for its lubricants and specialties with ten self-propelled trucks.

Against this background, ABB worldwide has adopted the technology made at San Telmo headquarters for the world. There are other export technologies that are incubated in their two local industrial plants, one in Valentin Alsina and the other in Tukuman. In Valentin Alsina they produce and export medium voltage cells and control systems and process processes in the rest of Latin America. And from the Tucuman plant, they supply the region with all kinds of switches. But one of the less familiar aspects of ABB is its expert robots in assembly lines for the automotive industry. They have 1300 installed, which help in the production process of 70% of the cars produced in Argentina.


As it approaches 2019, politics succeeds in bringing together figures from different faithsSo on Wednesday night, the witnesses were surprised to see Jose de Mendigran, unionist Julio Piomato, Julio Barbara and former head of the Center, Aldo Piananelli, at the same table in the traditional Edelweiss. They coincided with a loud voice that the country would succeed thanks to Dead cowAnd Mendigrann and Pioatto, the two stubborn assistant of the Code of Ideas, told others that version 2018 was one of the most boring.

New longevity

on a new longevity This is one of the driving forces of the economies of developed countries. This phenomenon arises because the number of elderly people is growingIn Argentina, 25% of the population is more than 50 years old – more than 11 million – and this ratio will increase by 3 percentage points in 2030, according to INDEC. Of these, 6.8 million are over 60 years of age.

According to Alicia Moskovski, the first to generate and create shopping in the 1990s in the country, "in recent decades, they have earned more than 30 years of life, and we see that individuals who have been withdrawn before are still full activity and offer new ways of longevity.However, our society is still managing, structuring and thinking with reference frameworks of the last century and one third of our existence lives in what is known as retirement or retirement. lgoletie implies a paradigm shift. "

Moszkowski brings Argentina to Aging2.0, a global network of 25,000 people who innovate at the cutting edge of technology, aging and care for the elderly. "The goal is to have a significant impact on the lives of the elderly people who connect, educate and support innovators at the intersection of technology with all the disciplines related to this segment," he explains in order to increase this segment of the economy, born in the country. One of Aging2.0's first activities will consist of to discover the innovations made by local companies for this segment,

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