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Inter, drastic with Icardi: he took off the captain's ribbon and left him in the conversation – 13/02/2019

There are contradictions in Italy. "Inter" announced on Wednesday that Mauro Icardi is no longer the owner of the captain's ribbon at the height of his contract renewal and that he will not be in the match against Rafi Vienna for Europa League on Thursday. The Italian club has announced that the new captain will be Serbian guard Samir Handanovic.

"The club reports that the new captain of the team is Samir Handanovic," Inter said in his official Twitter profile.

Icardi, who has a contract with Inter until 2021, has returned to the center of the scene in recent months when the issue of renewal has begun to gain a place in the media. And one of the main heroes of this trip was Vanda Nara, a wife and a representative of the assailant, to whom the leaders neroazzurros They do not see with good eyes because of the media exposure they give to the subject.

Conflict and uncertainty about Jacobi's future, Inter decided to remove the captain's ribbon from the next match to be played tomorrow against Rapid Vienna through a 32-round European League. Also, for this meeting, progress has been left out of the list of concentratesWhich seems to complicate further his future at the Italian club.

Inter Milan coach Luciano Spaleti said during the week that it was time to talk about the striker's resumption. "There are issues that need to be clarified, too many have been discussed that can not be left in the middle because they are becoming more difficult and lead to different interpretations now that a positive result arrives, I think it is time to talk about this problem, which takes several months"said DT.

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During her last participation in the Tiki Takka program she is a grandfather, Vanda commented: "There is so much crap about Mauro, for example a non-existent fine. I would like Mauro to be more secure than the team. It is not clear whether these bad things come from inside or outside".

"Why did not Ikardi make a sign?" He has always scored goals. Lautaro (Martinez) has scored (on Saturday against Parma) thanks to the great movement of Mauro, which is a little accompanied during this period. Maybe Spatilets had to put Lautaro first. He takes advantage of Mauro and Lautaro are friends and there is no rivalry among them, "added the blonde, making it clear that the coach relationship was not the best.

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