Friday , November 27 2020

Internal elections are usually held at MPN – Tel

The internal one will be defined between the Blue List, led by Governor Omar Gutierrez, and the Violeta list, headed by the deputy governor of the province, Rolando Figueroa.

Gutierrez goes to reelection with the current president of the Banco Provincia de Neuquén, Markos Copman Irisar, as the holder, while Figueroa seeks to reach the governor with lawyer Carla Castiglione.

After voting, Gutierrez in a dialogue with the press assured that "the election process has begun with complete normality. The provincial masses have opened at a time and in shape, so we enjoy this joy, which is democracy in Neuken province.

He also stressed that MPN is "the only political project that chooses its candidates to face civilian participation in the country, and that is the result of a story that we respect and which has taught us that candidates are chosen to build, to listen to what the ideas, the thinking of the Neuken people are, to make it a proposal and a selective platform. "

"What appears and generates the legitimacy of a political project, and that is nothing but expressing dreams, expectations, trust and hope in a party that has been the one that has motorized and transformed, making the fate a reality of grandeur of this beloved province, "the manager concluded.

Today, the positions of governor, deputy governor, provincial lawmakers, candidates for 57 municipal leaders (including the city of Neuken), advisers and school councilors will be elected.

According to the MoI electoral roll, 420,000 people from the entire province, both linked and independent, can vote and, on that occasion, the party's authorities determine the voting option for young people aged 16 and 17 who are included in the voter register .

Election Day began on 9 and will end at 18 in 631 polling stations in 133 schools.

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