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Interruption point: Rosio Oliva tells how he lives with Maradona in the Libertadorres final – 28.01.2019

Rosio Oliva has been in partnership with Diego Armando Maradona for six years. Before Christmas, the relationship ended, and now Oliva left Dubai's luxury to settle in Buenos Aires and resume her career as a river footballer. In an interview with La Page Millionaire, the Núñez team player told an anecdote about the ten days of the Copa Libertadores final, which is a turning point in the relationship.

"We've come a little bad now and that gave me a model to say," we're almost out of Big Brother's house, "as I said,Rockyo counted in the interview. Oliva said that on that day – December 9, Diego told him: "You will not see the game in this house."

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Rossi replied: "But you are from Boca and this is one of the best games in history." But Maradona was stupid: "You will not see the game in this house," Oliva added. After the break, Rocky went to change and announced that he would watch the game at the bar. – Oh, are you leaving?Maradona asked. "Yes, I'm leaving"she replied. The end of the couple was close.

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"It is good to be so, I feel that all these years I have not changed and I could continue to be myself, I did not change a country or a president, a journey or Maradona, I have very nice memories, but it is over. when he gets angry, you do not beat him, but by the way, he has a huge heart and sometimes people are being abused, I have a lot of affection for him and I know him for myself, I'm calm in love, my division is new and special To be together as a couple will cost me, but I'll do it, I want to be together again and feel good again, "he added.

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Now Oliva trains in the River and hopes to win a seat in the team she's admire: "I feel totally swallowed, here I am, and I am struggling with a position equal to or greater than any other girl. she says she always returns to "first love," to what she does well, and I knew it was my best option to go back to the club. All the hours I spend feel good, excluded from everything that's happening. "

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