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Interview with Jorge Lanata: what is the journalist doing – 26.02.2019

Jorge Lana (58) was admitted to a hospital at the Favaloro Foundation. He stays there Saturday, with fever and diarrhea. The news was confirmed by the journalist himself hunting horn,

– Today they will register me (on Tuesday), but the fever came back to me, and while I had serum I stayed"explained Mitre through the WhatsApp message.

Regarding his health and suffering picture, it first connects the symptoms with "viral gastroenteritis", although it soon refers to rumors that spread in the last hours: that they will actually suffer from dengue.

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"This can be an intoxication with antibiotics or viral gastroenteritis or dengue, they still do not know it"he assured him. And he added with humor, "I do not remember being in the jungle, something I noticed."

The journalist plans to return to TV on the TV screen on March 11th. He will do this in a 45-minute interview cycle that runs from Monday to Thursday at 23.30.

Lana represents for Clarin in August last year. (Barbara Lana)

Lana represents for Clarin in August last year. (Barbara Lana)

The program, which has already been named, but has not yet been announced to make a major impact on the premiere, will seek to compete in the night slot with the political and economic cycles of C5N and A24.

Also, the driver will continue to work on his daily routine Lanata without filterby Meter, who leads the second morning. Meanwhile, he is preparing two more international projects: fiction based on the years of corrupt corruption and a series of documentaries.

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In October last year, Latha suffered a sharp decline in the Kirchner Culture Center (CCC) and had to be hospitalized. "He fell badly, it was a bloody scene because he cut off, he stumbled, the cable cap had something sharp that cut off his orange suit … Poor Jorge, he could not walk, hurt in the knee, bleed," he said . opportunity to your colleague Marcelo Longongardi (57).


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