Sunday , January 17 2021

It was clear that this Onofrio told Benedetto when he went to greet him

River he had won 3 to 1 mouth and with great enthusiasm I celebrated victory Libertadores Cup, However, Rodolfo Onofrio, president of the millionaire, chose to go to greet Xeneize's athletes.

One of the many who got a few words from the leader was Dario Benedetto,

With caution and respect for frustration, the millionaire president timidly approached the shooter who scored the first goal in the match.

In the distance, Donald Onofrio asked Benedetto: – Can I congratulate you? Perhaps the leader approached the shooter's approval.

Congratulating Dario, Rodolfo acknowledged the player's work, so many turned to the millionaire and confessed: – You did a great job.

Moments later, both split up, giving a culmination a brief conversation, but that means a lot these days.

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