Thursday , June 24 2021

"It's almost impossible to compete with Barra or Madrid"

The possible fate of Frenkie de Jong This was the European football novel in recent months. And after finally confirming your signing for Barcelona (Pag € 75 million plus 11 in a variable) "Pep Guard" He referred to the Dutch elections at a press conference and everyone is glad that when his team or team Real Madrid they are interested in a player, it is not easy to change the player's idea.

"It is almost impossible to fight Barcelona or MadridFor the prestige, the incredible league they play, big clubs that are Finally, players must have the freedom to make the decision they want: they come here or not. And if they do not finish here, why they prefer to be somewhere else, "analyzes the Manchester City coach, who joined Ajax's skillful midfielder, but failed to convince him.

"Market figures have recently increased a lotEspecially after Neymar's PSG signing is unbelievable. So now we have to invest a lot in the upgrading of the equipment, but that's the market, "said the former technical director of the Catalonian team, who also struggles hand in hand with PSG to sign a contract with De Jong.

"Previously, it was said that only PSG or Manchester City They had money to invest large sums. That's over. It is not. Everyone has money, everybody invests and can do big operations. You have to adapt, be faster and smarter to sign up players. But it's almost impossible to get the highest quality players at low cost"concluded Pep.

In an interview with Voetball, the star of the Dutch national team recognizes why he preferred Barra: "PSG was one of the best opportunities, I was impressed by the club, the team, the coach … They gave me the opportunity to play with continuity and the League 1 could have been an advantage as it had time to grow up. I went to Manchester and Paris and talked to (Thomas) Tuhel and Guardiola. My choice is not a decision against these clubs, but in favor of Barra. The challenge is great. As for France, I did not feel like I wanted to play there for 10 years".

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