Wednesday , June 16 2021

It's time to change passwords: I met the most hacked

A study in the UK has identified which passwords are used most frequently and which allows users to be victims of cyber attacks.

"123456" is the most insecure password in the world, used by more than 23 million people, victims of cybercriminals. "123456789", "qwerty" (the first letters of the keyboard), "password" and "1111111" remain on the list of the most insecure ones.

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This was determined by the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) of the United Kingdom.

The survey found that half of respondents thought they were using a secure password but were very easy to guess.

They accompanied this information with a list of 100,000 hacked passwords.

What should not be used as a password?

It is dangerous to use the name our soccer teams or from our favorite groups to protect your confidential data.

"Liverpool" is a password used by 280,000 users in the UK who were hacked. Arsenal and Chelsea finish the podium of the teams that are used as a password.

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As for music"Blink 182", "50 Cent", "Eminem", "Metallica" and "Slipknot".

The Heroes of movies, comics and more, they are also often used as a reference when creating a password. The "Superman" is distinguished by the fact that it is most used to follow Naruto, Tiger, Pokémon and Batman.

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