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Javier Masquerano talks about Lionel Messi, Jorge Sampallo and the shorts that the national team is experiencing – 26/02/2019

He was a captain with and without a bracelet. It was the emotional symbol of the last decisive moments of the national team. In good times, as in the mentioned path of Alejandro Sabela's team to the 2014 World Cup finals of Brazil, as well as in the bad ones, as his last day with the blue-white shirt marking the elimination in Russia 2018 after a cycle that is thinner. And there remain many questions to answer.

It's now far from the center of the stage. So he decided. Without the fierce competition of Barcelona and the end of his cycle in the national team, Javier Maskerano watches the rear-view mirror from China. And in a 90-minute program interview (Fox Sports) analyzes the waste that still remains in the environment after the disappointment in the last World Cup.

"Maybe I had to go after the Brazilian final, but I'm not that, I do not think about it, not only because I wanted to keep playing, but because I had a commitment to my teammates and all the people in the national team. Football is one, from one day to the next, he changes everything for good or bad. Sometimes I take on a lot of things that were not in my hands. I think I've done everything there, as if I were AFA president. I have always tried to unite, create a good climate, so that things go the best. Since I did not believe everything that was said about me at the Brazilian World Cup because it seemed crazy, I do not believe I was guilty of anything, "Maskerano described 8 months after the World Cup.

He went on: "On the day we were out, I decided to talk and I asked Leo (Messi) and everyone did not talk, it was not good to talk hot, in what sense? In my case I already chewed him, I knew it was go out and talk, and I think that's the best thing, after that we lived in Russia, there was nothing to say, we were missed, the performance was not what we expected … Exit and talk, stand up to whether they will continue or not, better respond to the one who is leaving.

On the other hand, he also admitted that there are short rounds of day-to-day squad that is eliminated in the second round and analyzes the relationship with coach Jorge Sampallo.

"It was hard for us to do well in Russia, but not impossible, you always hope that since you are not in a good time to move on, in the only collective sport this can be given, but football gives you the chance to speculate. other sports you can not, why, because in football you can speculate, but that did not happen. We do not arrive in the best way and suffer. We did not make a good first phase and that made us play a round of 16 against France … "

Mesu's turmoil and company after the World Cup elimination (JUAN TESONE)

Mesu's turmoil and company after the World Cup elimination (JUAN TESONE)

And what happened to the technique? "I have not talked to Sampale again, it is clear that we do not know how to find our way, I still think he's a great coach because he shows it in different places, it's practically clear what he wants."

Besides rumors, Maskerano explained that they can talk and exchange views with Sampallo and his technical staff, and that many of the versions coming to Argentina are not true.

"It was not like we said after the match with Croatia we went with Lucas (Billy) to clarify what the situation is all about, I hope they will serve the future for the children who come. There were many stressful situations that accumulating and eventually unfolding what happened. We lost in a round of 16 against a clearly better opponent than us.

"One can not deny everything," he insisted, "it is true that we had a meeting because we were ahead of Nigeria and had to go through them all.

The goodbye moment: Maskerrano announced goodbye to the national team after the elimination of the World Cup in Russia. Reuters

The goodbye moment: Maskerrano announced goodbye to the national team after the elimination of the World Cup in Russia. Reuters

Maskerano's footprint with the Argentinean shirt will be indelible despite everything. Part of the information is enough to understand its size: he is the player with the most games in the history of the national team by 147. And he has already participated in 59 youth teams: Under 17, Under 20, Under 21 and Sub 23. He won the South American Sub 20 in Uruguay 2003 and two Olympic gold medals in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

The spine, which could not be removed, hit the five finals he played with the major: four cups of America (Peru 2004, Venezuela 2007, Chile 2015 and US 2016) and 2014 World Championship in Brazil. In all this, he was on the brink of glory.

More phrases from Masche

"I encourage (Messi and Aguero) to continue to try, why not, if your coach calls, why not go? Why do they say if they go because they go and if they do not go because they do not go …"

"I think we are dishonest with Messi, we were 19 games without losing, between the World Cup and two Copa America, I think it's not all bad, Leo is used to playing football that is completely different from the Argentine national team. Academic, the coach can change very little, the player already knows everything because he has been practicing for 15 years at the lower levels.When Leo comes to Argentina, he has to live with changes in the coach, changes in ideas … It's a lot hard ".

"I read every year is better, maybe over the years it takes things but acquires others." To do what Messi does, three players are needed. "

"I lost 5 finals in the national team, what I think is not supposed to be for me, we have come to an end, in the last three finals we were more than the rival, but that did not happen … There will come a time when he does not enter, he will enter.

"Rockell has made an important replacement, I have a great relationship and always talk to him.

"They did not offer me training, I feel like a player, I want to keep playing and I'm not sure what to do in the future."

"I want to be a prisoner of my words, I do not know what could happen, I have a contract for another year in China, today the river is a model club, I hire many important players and I do not know if that is the case."

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