Thursday , January 21 2021

Jimena Bar playlises fans with a sweet snapshot of sperm

Although many years ago she began her career as an actress, Jimena Barn he showed that there are many hidden talents. Last year she released her album "La Tonta" and quickly reached great popularity in her new aspect. At the moment, this is one of the revelations of "Dancing for a Dream" and strives to reach the final, as well as supporting their fans.

But the reality of Marcello Tinellie not only gave the goddess thanks, but also allowed him to meet his current partner, who is his dancer, Mauro Caiaza. Although for the first time he had been contacted by the brunette very timidly, the young man managed to get out and now he calls for the four winds. After a brief connection with only two months with Rodrigo Bueno's translator in the El Potro movie, which also competes.

After the storm, the sun rises and this happens singer which goes through a very special moment in both the artistic and the love affairs. In addition, it should be noted that her friend has a very special and affectionate relationship with her son, Morrison, the fruit of his relationship with footballer Daniel Osvaldo. She repeatedly admits that the child does not see her father very often, and now his partner spends a lot of time with him.

To show how his courtship with Mauro strengthened, famous shared in her official account at Instagram, very pleasant, where she looks very pleased with the dancer and Momo, the three embraced as a perfect family postcard. The photo generates a huge impact on the networks and its more than four and a half million followers were pleasantly surprised by the image, accompanied by more loving text: "Domingo is that," Jim said, adding: "(and double rehearsal") facing the new rhythm of dancing.

For this reason, they received sweet messages from Bar's fans: "They look beautiful, they hope they last forever," "How beautiful they are together," "What a beautiful pair they are." Although he also had malicious faces: "The poor baby, how many friends Mom knew and knew," says that internet users also leave their "likes."

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