Monday , June 14 2021

Jimena Baron responded to Julia Mangolini for criticism of her photos

Julia Mangolini does not think that being sexy like Jimena Baron in social is a demonstration of female empowerment. On the contrary, for the journalist this is "luck of slavery" because the alleged perfect curves of the actress correspond to a type of body "that designed the Patriarch".

Baron decided not to confront Mangolini directly, but he did not let her pass. In Twitter he left his thoughts which could open a crack in feminism, the movement of which the two are considered as reference: to show the body is empowerment or action that contributes to the woman's obedience?

According to Jimena, this is the first place. – The same picture of my ass, years ago, when I did not go to gym and weigh a few pounds more, making me a real woman, honest and honest. Today, workout hard and loving I share my hard bubbles with freedom, I am a hypocrite and a foolish slave. interesting feminism … selective".

He closed with a second message, "Live your life leave the next door if he is happy without worrying anyone. This is freedom. Be as you want, as you've always dreamed, as you would for happiness. We do not need anyone to approve, but life happens in the … ".

In his original message, Mangolini did not mention the Baron as the recipient of his reflections, but before the intense debate he was generating, he illustrated his position with the actress exhibition in the networks.

Make your c … whatever you want, but know that your c … does not look like that of Jimena Barón, which requires many hours of everyday work. And that's the whole question. Empowerment is to show … no complexes, although it does not look like Jimena Barón. Empowerment feels beautiful even if your beauty does not meet the cultural parameters the Patriarch has designed. The empowerment is to use the gym classes to drink beer with your friends, not to mention that your belly will swell. Empowering yourself can not "feel more beautiful" because then your "empowerment" is in the service of others. Your empowerment feels freer.

A few months ago, Mangolini was also against Juana Viale, who said she was not considered a feminist because she did not believe men and women were the same. "Juanita Viale is not a feminist because we are all different," and Ronnie Arias complains that we have burned a dog in Trelev. They are so rough that it is awkward. And the worst is that they have to be coolThey put off a thousand years with their ignorance. "

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