Tuesday , June 15 2021

Jorge Lanat stakes on the change and returns to the TV with a new cycle

Jorge Lana return to TV earlier than expected! The journalist run a cycle in a completely different format than you usually do. According to Adrian Palares, in Teleshow, driver I will make a talk show to be held from Monday to Thursday between 23:30 and 12:00. on the Todo Noticias screen. The premiere is scheduled for March 11 if they can finalize the details.

The style is similar to that of La Luna, which is broadcast on Amrique's screen, of which several memorable interviews went to figures such as Julio Boca, Charlie Garcia, Diego Maradona and Fernando Pei. However, on this occasion Jorge intends to interview not only celebrities but also every citizen. In fact, the production is looking for life stories that deserve to be told.

The broadcast will not be live, this is expected Medicine can record two days a week of four interviews that will then be broadcast. In this way, the TN network remains with traditional transmissions from 22 to 23:30. First go From the Plain, Leuco's Word, Up to Two Voices, We Are Great Now And Finally, The New Bet Of journalist.

But that's not the only thing the political leader This year he is known to write and produce art prose based on the years of corrupt corruption and a series of documentaries about an international cable signal. In addition, go on with journalism for everyone in your eighth season to the El Trece screen. Thus, the writer return to TV with two very different suggestions: the intimate interviews cycle and his classic journalistic research program.

Recall some of the most controversial moments of his old Moon transmission. This is where Lana asked Bocca if she was a gay to whom the famous international dancer replied: "Not yet," talking for the first time on a topic that is a little discussed in the media. It was when Charlie called him asshole-and Pey offered one of the most honest and intimate statements.

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