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José Archa dies, woman sentenced for murdering her husband and detained for her children – 11/24/2018

Jose Archa (68), sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife Rosana Galliano (29), died this Saturday at the hospital where he was hospitalized for pressure problems.

To send to kill Galliano who was at that time mother of two children aged 2 and 4, Arse and her mother, Elsa Aguilar, were sentenced to maximum punishment but took advantage of home arrest. The most controversial case in this case is "Justice" he had given them a command of the two children that Arsse supported with Galliano.

The news of Arce's death was announced on Saturday by Oscar Galliano, the brother of the murdered woman. The killer was hospitalized in Sanguinetti de Pilar Hospital after being pressured.

Sacrifice. Rosana Galliano (29).

Sacrifice. Rosana Galliano (29).

Ars had already had previous health problems, so he asked for an electronic poll.

Rosana Galliano was killed on January 16, 2008, about 22 people in a villa in the El Remanso neighborhood, in CruZ. The young woman was there with one of her sisters. They had agreed to meet Arsse in order for the man to take his children.

The women would have dinner when the phone rang and, since Rosana had a bad signal on her cell phone, she had to go to the park to talk. While he was talking, someone shot her and killed her.

In 2013, Arse and her mother were condemned to life as responsible for the "triple murder, aggravated by the connection, by betrayal and committed in advance by two or more persons". It was not possible to establish who had completed the murder, as the Leguisamon brothers, who had been charged as murderers, had been acquitted.

However, the woman and her mother were arrested recently in July 2014 when the appellate court upheld the lower court's decision. Similarly, a few months later, in February 2015, they benefit from home arrest.

Rosana Galliano's parents and a desperate request for her grandchildren. (Néstor Sieira)

Rosana Galliano's parents and a desperate request for her grandchildren. (Néstor Sieira)

Despite the condemnation they received, Justice has not taken away the two boys who probably lived for ten years with their mother's murdererArce is the one who sets the conditions: his children can see their grandparents every 15 days, but not their uncles or cousins. But according to the family he does not even obey the visits every two weeks.

"It's unbelievable that with his condemnation he's very hot in his house, lives with the kids and does not allow us to see them." Why are there so many privileges if he and his mother are two psychopaths, they are sinister. Justice does not see that children are in danger, they have already killed my daughter, they can kill them … ", says the parents of Graciela and Reynoldo, rosary in a letter to Claire in 2015

By the end of 2016, Judge Carlos Ruiz, who was responsible for Family Court No. 5 of San Isidro, ordered the two children to reunite with their grandparents.

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