Tuesday , November 24 2020

Jose Arse died, sentenced to life for his wife's crime

The widow José Arce, sentenced to life for the crime of his wife Rosana Galliano, carried out in 2008 at his home in Eulactision de la Cruz in Buenos Aires, He died this Saturday for ACV at a hospital in Pilar, informed court and police sources.

The speakers pointed out that Arsé (70) had been hospitalized on Thursday for a hemorrhagic stroke at Sanguinetti Hospital of the aforementioned party in northern Buenos Aires and that he finally died on Saturday.

Also, since the widow is convicted and has a house arrest, his death must be investigated like that of any prisoner, so that Prosecutor Andres Quintana, on the part of the UFI 2 Decentralized Pilar belonging to the San Isidro Judicial Service, ordered the autopsy to be performed accordingly.

The cover of the case officer investigating Arce's death is that of "investigating the cause of death," adding judicial and police sources Telam,

The widow and his mother, Elsa Aguilar (87), who is also sentenced to life imprisonment, they executed their sentences in favor of house arrest with electronic monitoring, he for health reasons and she aged.

Rosana Galliano's offense (29) was committed on 16 January 2008. in his villa in El Remanso, the Exaltosion de la Cruz, where Arsé agreed to take the children he had.

The victim received a call to her mobile phone made by her husband and herWhen she left the house to talk – because she had a little signal inside – she was surprised by the man who shot her.

Monica, Rosana's sister who was with her on the night of the crime, describes the "excuses" Arcea has been making all day to delay the delivery of her children, and thus have an excuse to call her ex-wife at night,

When the case was analyzed at the Provincial Court of Cassation, the judges found that both "decompensation" and "crying" displayed by Arse in a hospital where he was discovered when he was informed of his wife's death were " . "

although the material author of the crime has not yet been found, the judges confirmed that "it was clear that Arsé can not and does not want to take responsibility for the execution, but also that there is an excellent place for her mother and her money."

"Arsse and his mother, no matter how devastating they are, are strong motives to kill the victim, and he has expressed verbalisation and acted in what constitutes the prophecies of gender-based violence," Casación said.

They added that there was "enough evidence" of what had happened on the basis of the allegations of relatives and friends of the victim who described the conflict between Ars and Galliano after their separation.

As perpetrators of the offense, the Paulo (35) and Gabriel Leguisamon (41) were sued, but were acquitted after several witnesses testified against them.

Meanwhile, in December 2015, the Supreme Court of the nation, with the signature of its then-President Ricardo Lorenzetti and ministers Elena Hoyton de Nolosa and Juan Carlos McKeeda, abandoned the conviction of Arsse and his mother.

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