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Juan Manuel Trejo: Football Closed the Doors and Now Drives Uber to Survive – 25.02.09

On September 30, 2016, Juan Manuel Trejo played his last official game with Kilmes shirt (it was 2 to 1 against Olympus). That day he did not imagine what he would do in his life. In April 2017, he broke the cross-links and officially no longer stepped into a field of play. It did not happen when he returned to Indpendenden, the birthplace of this 27-year-old left-handed man, and it was hard for him to find a new club. Economic needs began to increase and he decided to register as a Uber driver to make money. "I have to help my mother who lives in Tukuman with one of my younger brothers," says Treho. hunting horn while fattening a few friends with the smallest of his five brothers (all men) who plays five in the lower San Lorenzo. App user has recognized and posted it on social networks. So the situation of this professional footballer, who knew how to play in one of Argentina's major clubs, became vicious and now has to add hours of management to live and support his family. "I never thought I would have such an impact, it's a normal job like any other," says Juan Manuel, who continues to train in the hope of returning to football as he seeks to start learning business administration.

"How's the idea about Uber?"

– I've analyzed it a lot. I could not take a club and it was getting harder for me. I was just about to hook up, but eventually I dropped everything. And when you see the opportunities are closed … I was six months without playing because I was waiting for a man who told me he would take me out. I believed. I've been through difficult times because of my father's disease. I wanted to see him well and spent a lot of money with the treatment and then when he died four months ago. I did not have any money. Talking to a loved one, the subject of Uber appeared.

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– How many hours a day do you drive?

"I work out in the morning and then I do Uber about three o'clock in the afternoon. I have lunch, I drink, I train again and in the evening I do Uber a few more hours. Generally I will do about 5 or 6 hours a day.

– Do you like?

"It's not difficult. I have always had a good attitude towards the passengers. No one was lost. I treat everyone with respect. I had to get in moderate sophisticated places. Once I had to get into a dangerous place in Ciudad Evita. I had to go to the bottom. I was born in Tucuman's piquant neighborhood, so I decided to go there. Fortunately, I left the man and nothing happened. At night it's more risky.

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– Have you recognized much?

– On the sixth day of the laburop climb up everyone dressed in Independent who came from football. He said, "Hello Treho." I congratulated him and spoke. He told me he wanted to play with me, oh. Then I took a girl and she told my brother that he had posted it on the nets. I tried not to see the comments, because they told me that they were very mocking. They do not know what to do to complete what is very worthy. Thank God, I found people who made me progress after the death of my old man. My psychologist has made me realize that I need to move on. I told her I promised my old man that I would play again and she told me to focus on it.

– As the situation became public, do you recognize yourself more?

Yes. Many throw good waves and others do not. The other day I went for a walk and came across two people who told me things to be able to react. Beyond the fever, I turned and went home. Then I did not want to leave. But a friend told me he could not live locked. And he is right because I do not do anything wrong, I do not steal.

– Does it give you money?

-This depends on the number of hours and trips you make. If I get him, he leaves me. It pulls me out of trouble.

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"Where are you trained?"

– In Domínico Park. I bought all the accessories to work alone. In the afternoon, I go to the gym. Sometimes I play football. The only thing I miss is the rhythm of the game because I'm physically good.

"How did you get to a club?"

-After the last injury, my credit ended in Quilmes and I went back to Independiente in January 2018. I did not have the opportunity to play in the reserve. I talked to Holland, but I prefer to keep what we talked about. Then I did my pre-season work in New Chicago. A few days before the end of the book, I was told that there were no opportunities. I was surprised It was said that everything was agreed and when they told me I could not believe it. Everything happened at the hour and I was closed.

"And what happened to this chance to go out?"

Some people told me that everything was fine that they would do their best to specify the possibility of going to Mexico or Peru. Then they started to tell me something different every day. I have already noticed that everything has become odd. We stopped answering.

– Did you get any calls from football people?

– Yes, a few. Friends have called me to support me. Jesus Mendes, who was a partner in the Reds, and Ismail Bengas, whom I had in Kilmess. They offered help, but I want to earn my money. I have no choice but to wait until the middle of the year. We hope to return to football. I am 27 years old, I am in power.


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