Saturday , January 23 2021

Juan Manuel Urtubay intervened in the case of students expelled from a gay partner school: "This is unacceptable"

The news was commented on Monday in social networks to such an extent Juan Manuel Urdubey decided to talk about Twitter. "As you say, this is unacceptable"He said in response to the publication of a user who expressed rage on the platform.

In addition, the provincial leader said: "I spoke to my family and instructed the Ministry of Education to impose the rights of Sant [el adolescente reprendido por el preceptor] and his comrades ",

The first victim of the case was a fourth-year student who last October He attends school, carrying a bracelet on his wrist with the colors of the LGBT collective.

This provoked the harassment of a teacher who forced the young man to immediately remove the wrist and reproach him for using it. After the episode, the student decided to leave the institution.

But the story did not end there. Towards the end of the same month, the school declared its "right of admission" to expel four classmates. The reason? They have expressed their support for their friend through an image that spreads only four hours on social networks.

"My client, along with three other colleagues, dismissed this through photography on the web: a hand that knocks you in front of a school shirt", in detail Carlos Humberto Saravia, a lawyer of Santiago Casares (16), one of the affected youths.

After a member of the educational community noticed that the image was spreading across social networks, young people were summoned by the authorities to give explanations. In addition to his dismissal, students apologized in writing, but the school did not want to let him go.

"Law 7,934 here in Salta recognizes the right to admit to school, but what is being discussed is whether it is exercised at the time of entry or whether it can be validated again each year", said Saravia, who said: "My client has an average of 8.60 leva and no disciplinary sanction for 12 years."

Anna, grandmother of the 16-year-old expelled to protect her partner, decides to share what has happened to social networks. "My grandson, of impeccable academic and behavioral history, was expelled from the Salta School to protect a gay partner from the fearful aggression and humiliation that a counselor received in this school," he wrote in the social media.

In dialogue with InfobaeAnna speaks of the feelings of what happened: "Bronze and pride at the same time, Pride for my grandson, who showed that he is co-ordinated, supportive and engaged, has an average of almost 9, excellent student to protect his partner, and he is angry because, as a Catholic family and respecting human rights, we are outraged by discrimination, of all kinds and of all. "

"My grandson will survive, he is ready and he has two families who love him and the intellectual tools to overcome the loss of his group of living companions," the woman added. For his part, Saravia's lawyer made it clear that the school still does not respond to the submitted proposals and that if it is maintained for the next week, he will ask for a judge's intervention.

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