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Juana Viale disturbs Andy Kuznetsov with unexpected accusation – 26.01.2019

Summer 2019 discovers that Juana Viale (36) makes the season for the first time in Mar del Plata, is featuring two works in a posterThat's what it is about The Ardor and 40 days, 40 nightsboth directed by the actor Luciano Caceres, who is romantically connected.

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As for her work at La Feliz, the actress was invited to the program Street Dogs which leads Andy Kuznetsov (48) to Radio Metro (FM 95.1) that these weeks will come out of the spa town.

The interview was very calm, Viale was calm and relaxed. He was talking about his theatrical work, telling anecdotes about his friendship with Rolling Stones, but in a moment the actress took advantage of the space to talk about her grandmother, Mirta Legrand and her classical cycles from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday afternoons, which in the summer were historically handed over by Mar del Plata.

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The actress said she was a guest a few weeks ago, and she was pleasantly surprised by the number of people coming to the hotel where Legrad made his programs to congratulate the wild and how intuitive the Saturday cycle, which has much less years than on Sunday.

Andy, the driver of PH, We can talk (Telefe), which was broadcast last year at the same time and on the same day as the La Chiqui program, which was spiced and said, "I think so, you have a program on a Saturday night This year I could not saw him, but they told me.

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Juana answered quickly and he understood the game the driver opened, and he said, "You have a program, that's the contact I have with the TV so you know," referring to his already known break with the TV world.

"They told me it's very similar," she attacked Mirta's granddaughter with clear protection for her grandmother who has been running her program for more than 50 years. "Yes, there is air," Kuznetsov said with a nervous laugh.

"In 50 years, you have to do something like that, somebody thinks about the idea"Very well Kweller, ah, but Kweller is also there," says Juana, referring to Andy's producer, Marin Kweller, and the rest of the staff at Street Dogs I encouraged the chican to continue.

Andy did not stay and answered: "What is happening is that your brother has failed the program"Something irritated by the actress's comment, and I said," Have you laughed ?, I thought it was the production of Tinier. " To which the radial conductor replied: "I do not get there."

It was a moment of some tension, but full of laughter to defuse the invoices and claims of a rating war that played the leading role of Legrand and Kusnetzoff in 2018.

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