Sunday , November 29 2020

Judge Janez met with the government and is ready to receive information from the submarine – El

At the same time, the highway expects to send all the information Ocean Infinity has made to find the submarine ARA San Juan.

The judge was adopted by Minister Awad, who she told about the need to avoid leakage in the middle of the investigation.

The magistrate also visited the fleet headquarters and met Vilan, who, according to La Nassie, asked him to make an effort to keep the evidence from the opening of the submarine.

At the meeting held in the Svoboda building, the Mar del Plata Naval Base Captain Gabriel Attis and the General Director of Fleet Material Rear Admiral David Fabian Burdon, who is responsible for the agency responsible for the inclusion and renewal of the Maritime Media.

The magistrate also met with some members of the Biarmar Commission, who were investigating what happened to the submarine, from which they told NA that they had said that the reason to find out what happened "would take a long time".

They also note that the meeting with Janez is "positive, in which there are reciprocal expressions of predisposition to cooperation in the relevant investigations."

Diplomatic bag

Most of the photographic records of the submarine will arrive at Judge Janez at the end of next week when the three Navy representatives – two submarines and oceanographers – return to the South African planes who participated in the search for the seabed builder , along with the ARA San Juan crew members who participated as observers.

They will bring with them a diplomatic bag Ocean Infinity reports with 67,000 photos related to the location of ARA San Juan.

"We arrived in South Africa for a week, terabyte information that will be delivered to the navy after they arrive in Cape Town," said Luis to one of the Luigi Thalipipetra's family veterans.

According to him, the judge's intention is to represent 3-D model hydrographic mapping, which would allow him to restore the crew's last moments before sinking. NA


Luis Tagliapietra, the father of Corvo lieutenant and ARA San Juan Alejandro Tagliapietra, told Telam that on his return to Argentina he "will ask for a meeting with Judge (Marta) Yañez to talk about his activities in Buenos Aires" that for him "no logical basis" and "removes the transparency of the investigation".

Thalassipi, who is also a lawyer for one of the three complaints about joining submarine relatives, has confirmed that it is "surprising" that Judge Janez "has so many private meetings, even if they were not secrets."

Tallapithera reads a board interview with the judge, published by Telam, referring to Yanez's visit to Buenos Aires: "I found the private encounters overwhelming – they may not be secrets, but the difference between private and secret is almost zero , because they can not legitimately be formulated in any procedural question. (Telam)

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