Friday , May 7 2021

Junior was great – 11/26/2018

Confident after defeating Santa Santana in the West, Morón was not weighted by crossing Alta Córdoba and achieved triumph (the first away from home) to be excited about the opportunity to end the year as close as possible to Reducer's positions.

The institute, like Dario Franco's leadership as a foundation, tried to cope with an ambitious proposal with the leadership of Mendoza. But at 10 he hardly connects with Pablo Vetty, one of the players who have wet gunpowder. And Galito has taken advantage of the lack of efficiency: Gonzalez, Ackerman and Mendyette made a 1-0 game.

And at the start of the match, the 7 players returned to sleep with their rival defenders and set a great way to seal the score. Yes, Junior has already become great …

INSTITUTE (0): Henricot; Flores, Agir, Yabale, Kanever; Mendoza, Navarro, Endrizi; Affranchino, Vegetti, and Ellacopulos. DT: Dario Franco.

MORON (2): Galvan; Paredes, Racca, Mayola, Martinez; Nieto, Lilo, Pardo, Gonzalez; Mendieta and Ackermann. DT: Méndez-Pico.

OBJECTIVES: PT 27 m Mandy (M). ST 5 m Mandytes (M).

THE COURT: Institute. ARBITRATOR: German Bermudas.

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