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Justice ordered the release of former Vice President Amado Boudou – 12.11.2018

The Federal Oral Court 4 ordered on Tuesday the release of former Vice President Amado Buddou, who was detained in Ezejo Prison, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison by the former Cyclone Calcography.

With the votes of the judges María Gabriela López Iñíguez and Adriana Palliotti, the court also ordered a true commitment one million pesosThe former Minister of Economy should also wear an electronic GPS device that will be monitored, among other restrictions, such as the ban on leaving the country and the retention of his passport.

A few days to understand the prosecutor's office of banker Jorge Britto and former AFIP chief Ricardo Eggarai, in the case known as Ciccone II, investigating the way of money that made possible the bankruptcy and the purchase of former depths, Amadou Bude said about the release of the former vice president.

It was that TOF 4, the same one who admitted it to be guilty of the crimes of bribery and bargaining, incompatible with the public service in the case of the sale of the former chalcographic cyclone by a majority, gave the release.

One of the arguments reiterated by the defense of the former vice president of the nation is that "there is no risk of interfering with the Ciccone II investigation." When hearing the allegations in this investigation, it is considered that this is the case "there was no room for Budhu to remain arrested"they explained hunting horn close to the defense.

"I do not see how they can intervene at the moment, because at this point I understand that all the most important measures have already been developed, which leads to the clarification of the fact being investigated, so that the accused can not develop in this case, Any behavior that compromises the success of the investigation, "pointed to Budou's defense in the letter to which Clarin agreed. With this proposal, they cite Judge Ariel Lijo, who is responsible for the prosecution of Brito and Echegaray in Ciccone II.

Not claiming the verdict of the paper-based paper sale process, lawyers Alejandro Rua and Graziana Penangor said the reasons were used "to stop it and the funds that had been raised against them" await a final answer, inor now to review this situation and the reasons for cautionin order to be able to free our client according to the terms hereof.

These were those analyzed by TOF 4, where judges María Gabriela López Íñiguez, who had already opposed her arrest during the trial of the former Getaway, and her husband, Adriana Palilotti, who voted favorably. At the same time, Nyodor Costabel voted in rejecting the benefit of the exemption.

With the assistance of the prosecutor to the Marcello Colombo court, Palioti and Lopez Iengerigus, in a 30-page resolution, Clarin agreed, said: "As far as preventive detention is concerned, it is a question of origin the procedural danger must be objectively proven and the impossibility of neutralizing it with a less restrictive measure of deprivation of liberty. "

They then noted that the Prosecutor's Office had been issued in favor of the release of Boudou, provided that there were no procedural risks for him to continue to be detained.

"These objective elements, which were taken into account to allow Amado Budhu to pass the debates of freedom, had not changed at all, regardless of whether a conviction was first given," says the governor.

Among other arguments, the resolution pointed out that after the completion of the Ciccone sale process, "the only current procedural risk is that of the flight." And they again cite the failure of Federal House of Buenos Aires that he had taken the preventive detention of Budhu, saying he had no risk of impeding the investigation in order for him to be deprived of his liberty.

As far as the risk of flight is concerned, it has been pointed out that it can not be ignored that Boudou "belongs to a political sector that opposes to who holds the state's police authority today, which logically needs weakening the likelihood of success before trying to leave the country illegally".

Similarly, López Íñiguez and Pallioti continue, "there is no reason to believe that Boudou has any connection with the current government to have the influence outlined above as an existing one."

At the moment of reflection on the procedural behavior of former deputy Kristina Kirchner, the judges said that both Ciccone and other investigations "the existence of procedural risk has not been established at the highest point of the Federal Court, that is, procedural risk in the present case, based on objective circumstances and as the only opportunity to achieve the obedience of the process and the implementation of criminal law. "

That's why they locked you up avoid the "abuse of preventive detention" because "not only is it not in accordance with our constitutional system and criminal procedure, but because, in a strict case study," in this particular case of Budhu, "they can not support" the arguments that led him to jail.

After granting the release, the former vice president received a real commitment of one million pesos and the installation of a GPS surveillance device – a radius of 100 kilometers around his residence.the detention of the passport and the ban on issuing new ones on his behalf, the ban on leaving the country and the obligation to appear before the Court every two weeks.

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