Monday , June 21 2021

Ken Chu: "He was like a hero to me"

Uncertainty about the location of Argentina is growing every day Emiliano Sala and the grief of the family and acquaintances grows. This Friday Ken Chu, owner of Cardiff Football Club, showed his pain before what happened.

"I met him personally, I am very sad about it, even when I saw him only twice, he was a very modest man, I was very excited about this challenge, to join Cardiff City … he had a plan ready to join, to help me, he was like a hero to me, "he said.

It is worth recalling that on Thursday, the police in Gernessy announced that the search would cease and family members have asked not to do so. Not only them but also players from all over the world have joined her claim Choo He assured that Cardiff will help the family with whatever is needed.

During the conversation about the responsibilities, the discomfort dominated the Wales club owner who said: "As for the club, we had nothing to do with flight management, because during the negotiations we did not have jurisdiction over the player. he decided to make that decision, and the club also wanted to manage at that time, then … look, everybody has their point of view, but it was an incident and we have to put up with this "

He also explained that it was a complicated process to find a plane and sister Emiliano She has all the support of the club: "Romina wants to know the details of the location, the plane and such things she is right to want to know and we are trying to help her … We just follow the family what they want to do and we try to keep them at every step if they want to go to Gernessy or whatever they feel they want to do, we will help them.

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