Thursday , May 13 2021

King Len: Disney's Most Viewed Thriller for 24 Hours

Agencies / United States

The remix of King Len, a remake of Disney, has received a replica record after his debut, "Give Thanksgiving", on Nov. 22. That day reached 224.6 million online replicas on its first day.

As he ranks second among the most acclaimed thrillers in the studio's studio Avengers: Infinity War, which continues with 238 million views for 24 hours, although the film was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Disney.

Research indicates that El Ray Len seeks to update and rediscover Disney's classic disks in search of a more up-to-date audience. This is a pride: Thank you for helping to make the #TheLionKing trailer the most debut debut of Disney, as it reached 224.6 million global visits within 24 hours, Disney Studios studying in the networks.

Disney movie King Len was originally released in 1994 and made his debut in Broadway in 1997. The remake that will be featured in theaters next year includes Beyonc's voices like Nala and Donald Glover as Simba. The film won two Oscars thanks to its soundtrack, and Golden Globe in the category of the best film. The film is inspired by an anime by Kimba, Len White of Japanese origin. Animation, which was responsible for the mythical Osamu Tezuka, the creator of the Astros.

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