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Kingdom Hearts III: This is all you have to do after completing the story

If you're wondering what to do after completing the Kingdom Hearts III story Do not worry because the title offers us many things you can do in the adventure, and we describe them below.

The history of Kingdom Hearts III This is quite a long time, although there may be people who think that everything is said and done after the game ends. But there is not much to do after completing the Kingdom Hearts III story, because in addition to the collector's items there are many other tasks you should not miss.

There are many secrets in the kingdom hearts which you can enter after completing the main story, and these secrets as the most powerful weapon, are produced in an area that develops after the main plot is completed. But there are many more: collectible items, advantages, aesthetic changes for the ship …

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Kingdom Hearts III: This is all you have to do after completing the story

Unlock the most powerful weapon in the game

Artema Weapon is the most powerful thing your character can have in the game, but unfortunately we can not get it until the adventure is over. To do this, you must synthesize at least 58 different materials. Then you will get a recipe with everything you need to get this weapon, but unfortunately there is an ingredient, especially Orihalk +, which can only be achieved through a series of tasks.

Weapon Artema Kingdom Hearts 3

Battle Portals

These battle gates, which they make, transport us to another area where we will have to fight and survive against waves of enemies. You will find a battle portal in each of the worlds and overcoming them will give you a new team and many other items. Here we will tell you where to find the 14 battle gates.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Be sure to see a Portafortunata

These are silhouettes or Mickey Headforms that you will find in each of the worlds. Finding Absolutely All will give you a trophy and you are sure to stay on the road. This is a good way to replay each of the worlds to find all these elements and shoot them. Here we tell you where to find everyone happy.

Treasure Hearts of the Stranger 3

Photo Missions of Mogi

Yes, this beautiful character asked us to take a picture of all the monsters he has listed for us, and they are enough. So, if you did not do it before, which is most likely, you will have to go through all the worlds of the game to shoot the listed mistakes.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Complete the missions of the Tire Ship

All of these missions will allow us to customize the ship as well as gather some materials that will allow you to improve Keyblade. There are even some additional tasks, such as locating constellations, with which we will get planes for the ship, which will give us different appearances to different qualities.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The figures of Hercules

We have to find five Hercules dolls around Olympus. So it's a good way to overcome this world again, and take the opportunity to capture the pictures of fate and get the rest of the secret elements. Here we tell you where to find Hercules' 5 gold dolls.

Kingdom Hearts 3

All Treasures

Every world has a list of treasures that you can find and which are quite hidden. So find each one because it's worth it.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Complete all achievements and trophies

As usual in any video game, you can always spend time unlocking all the achievements and trophies to make yourself a better player.

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Kingdom Hearts 3

It will touch you to synthesize all the possible recipes in the game to get the most powerful weapon. So in addition to the more powerful items in your inventory, you can do them as an investment for the new weapon.

Kingdom Hearts III Analysis for PS4 and Xbox One

That's what you know what to do after completing the Kingdom Hearts III story that, as you saw, there are a lot of things. If you need more help with Kingdom Hearts 3, be sure to check out the 15 things we'd like to know before you start playing, how to unlock the secret end, where to find all the happy ones, where to find Hercules' golden dolls, all collectors' items. from El Olimpo, all the collections of Villa Twilight, how to find all the constellations of the three galaxies, how to get all the calls, where to find all the fantastic means, where to find all the battle gates, or how to get the 7 Orichalcum Fragments + .

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