Sunday , June 13 2021

La Corte habilitat el plebiscito en La Rioja He do …

The Los Jueces del Maximo tribunal reunion is in favor of the expulsion of the police and the decision of the consulate against the dictum of the Procuración General de la Nación, which provides for the intervention of a provincial prosecutor.

For example, in the case of Lao Rioja, it is not possible to determine whether he or she is a member of Casas and that the present candidate is a member.

He said that Corte fueled dividends and reversed the deal with the Vice-President of the Council, Elena Highton, Ricardo Lorenzetti and Horacio Rosatti.

However, he was quoted by the President of the Court of Justice, Carlos Rosenkrantz, who showed his favor in analyzing his theme.

At the decision of the Corte Suprema, he had a legitimate interest in the popular referendum in La Rioja, which determined that he was a constitutional envoy, and that he had been a member of the provincial legislature of Casas and had disputed a tercer mandato.

He is also a vice-president of Luis Beder Herrera en 2011 and he is a 2015 elected by the Podere Ejecutivo. In addition, the local Constitution requires a third party to carry out the task of completing the dialogue and to ensure that it is integrated into the forum.

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