Wednesday , January 20 2021

Laura Wafbal's anger with Pamela David: "If you want to fight and …"

Journalist Laura Uphal rumbles Pamela David, who has reached the crossroads for alleged criticism of him.

The case of Rodrigo Eguilor – the man accused of rape, kidnapping and attempted murder – caused a huge discussion on TV and one of them was the hand of Mónica Gutiérrez: He called it "an influential"

There have been many criticisms in this respect, and Gutierrez was severely questioned. But he also defends, like his colleague Pamela DavidIn the middle of this protection of Gutierrez Pamela David criticized Laura Uphal, and the entertaining journalist answered harshly.

"I've never talked about Monica Gutierrez, you're talking about if you want to fight and protect the spotless … I'm more than free abuser, thanks to Pamela David– Did you answer? Ubfal, which was very difficult for the accused who caused this transition.

Source: Radio Mitre.

Monti Gutierrez tried to "influence" Rodrigo Eguilor and after criticism he had to close Twitter

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