Monday , June 21 2021

Laurita Fernandez, farther from the dance?

The new Bailando 2019 edition is approaching and according to the latest news this year will change the name: "Super Bailando 2019" will be the new television proposal of the Thirteen by Marcello Tinnelli. By announcing a possible comeback in late April this year, rumors about potential jury members and newcomers began to sound.

But that's not all, there were talks about those who will be missed, and the one that triggered the greatest stir was one of the most controversial jury since 2018. Laurita Fernandez, she was very questioned, a few criticized her for her role on the podium. As if that was not enough, she was fair recently and said she did not feel comfortable as a jury: "I enjoyed dancing more than sitting at the jury on the dance floor," he said. It generates something and the jury is a place where I do not know how to develop and I do not like it, "were some of the words of the blonde.

After the media coverage of his words, one of those who said nothing was Marcelo Polino and confessed: "It has become wired," said the lapidary judge and said she was ungrateful. But the story does not end here because a few months after the show resumes, the jury members share WhatsApp group talking about the latest news from the event, potential participants, and of course, organizing some sort of outing among them.

However, Laurita seems totally uninterested and no longer hides her strong position. After realizing the situation, Polino made a strong decision: he eliminated Nicholas Caberre's girlfriend from the group and did not hesitate to explain the reason: "No answer, he is eliminated," the journalist at Siempre Show, a cycle that is broadcast on the screen of City Magazine.

It has to be remembered that the prestigious driver, journalist and jury is one of the most powerful in the decisions as it influences the selection of jury members and a note showing their interest in Moria Cassan in learning. One of the news, One did not close the door and left open possibilities for a possible return to the stand.

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