Monday , May 29 2023

Lucas Prato crashes a motorcycle rider at the start of a training session at the Eazeza Playground


When he left in his van to go to the hotel in Puerto Madero, where River would concentrate before racing with Racing, the attacker touched the motorcycle and made the driver fall. The victim is already well and Prato can play the next game.

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The river ahead, Lucas Prato, he crashed to a motorcyclist this Friday night when I was leaving training on the Ezeiza River River Camp site and head to the hotel where the team will concentrate on Saturday's game against racing on the third date of Super League, "The Bear" scratched his pickup Jeep to the driver of motorcycle Rouser 200cc at the height of the La Orqueta Bridge and the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway, which caused the man to fall but did not cause serious injury.

The millionaire player stopped immediately and called the ambulance to help the rider. The injured man was transferred to Ezeiza Hospital, where it was observed.

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Esteban Echeveria's Fifth Police Department, who intervened in the incident, was immediately informed that the motorcycle driver was "stable and knowledgeable". Prato had to do blood and urine tests and the incident was referred to as culpable injuriesto be investigated by Fiscal Division 1 on the spot.

The player is not injured so he can play the match against La Academia.

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