Monday , September 27 2021

Luciana Salazar complained of Superclassic noises and Twitter "liquidated"

Between the consequences of the scandal overriding the superstyle on Saturday, there was a tweet by Luciana Salazar, which triggered anxiety.

The former star lived in Nuez and complained about the noise she had heard during the preliminary match, which caused several criticisms.

"It's enough for God, he does not stop listening to pictures in my neighborhood, my daughter cries loudly, I feel like I'm in military territory," he said. The message contained 1594 likes and almost 500 responses, most of which were criticized.

"I have a plane and go to #Miami," "Buenaaaaaaaa is also not Afghanistan, touch yourself," "leave Twitter and take care of your daughter," "call the maid to hold her and if you are in military territory, imagine are those of us who live in the suburbs of Buenos Aires? "Let it be known, unfortunately, what's going on, but it's not one day of the year, not just the Boca River," were some of the negative comments I received.

Besides complaining about the noise, Martin Rerado's ex-girlfriend criticized the incidents and even said that the G20 meeting would be held on Friday 30th.

"We are Argentine shame! It is not a game in peace, it is a pity, it must be a great finish and it will always become a role weeping because every time I see my country farther than anything." The consequences of bad policies for years and years. "This is no longer changing," he says. And close: "What are the 19 representatives of the world who come in these days thinking at this moment?"

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