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Luciano Caerez's touch-giving experience with his mother before he died

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December 9, 2018

The actor has linked the relationship he had with his mother before he died for a long illness. "I said," Get your angel, you made us very happy, "he revealed.

For the first time, the actor Luciano Caceres said that he lived with his mother before the woman died, a product of prolonged illness. "I believe in the universe and the angels because of the situation I have lived in"he explained.

At the invitation of the PH program, we can talk, the actor explained:My old lady was 7 years old He did all the conventional treatments, but last year he abandoned them and decided to make alternative therapy and reiki ",

And he continued:This was his best year, he was strong, with hair, weighed, he ate, but he fell into a coma and I got angry, I called the woman with whom I was dealing with a reiki who was traveling at that time and told me I had to learn to let him go, but I did not understand it.

Before the silence of the other guests, Luciano explained that when his mother left the coma, she began "Establish a strong connection without words". "He was the only one who could understand everything he said without listening, everyone asked me what I wanted. It was a month of great agony.

"At this point he went back to coma, and when he went out he went into the room and I saw her with a closed fist, and then asked her what she was doing, and she tells me he's behaving with his angel. Given the uncertainty of the moment, the actor said he had brought his mother a hand-painted picture she had at home, and even asked him what he needed to fulfill all his wishes.

"She was very calm and very happy, she always pointed to where her angel was"He revealed, and the mother asked Reiki teacher for a Saturday meeting, but the woman returned to coma on Wednesday.

"The doctors told me that he did not come out, and when the Saturday came, I told the nurse to let the woman I called go in. It comes in and when she goes out she tells me she can not do anything and that I need to do it "he counted.

"Then he carried me over and I put my hands on her as she explained to me over her body my mother opened her eyes, There I told him to catch the angel who made us very happy, and he left. How not to believe ", concluded the actor who touched everyone with his story.

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