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Luciano Pereira has his big holiday – 12/09/2018

In the hypothetical case that some of them are scattered, among the 40,000 people present show on this hot Saturday at Veleswill neglect twenty years who were crowned that night, seductive and charismatic Luciano Pereira (remarkably skillful dancing and unpretentious flirting live with his fanatics), it would not take long for him to let him know. "Today is a celebration," the ambassador of folklore repeated so many times during the three uninterrupted hours of an outdoor holiday.

They spent only one hour of the schedule scheduled for their debut at the stadium Life in the Wind Circle, while the figure of a sculpture was flying overhead with an aerial view in the stalls, and the fake mist (a product of a powerful smoke machine) melted into the continuous shouting of a battalion by women, then appeared from a mobile platform under the stage, the musical icon

The sound of the first stations of I love to love you and without the wind that rushed there, the singer with a bright expression in her smile set off a party "in a great way." Like all celebrations, he warned: "They are made with friends." Then, after warming up with themes like No witnesses, I can not forget you and Red dress, the first foreign guest broke out on stage to sing a sweet version of I will be, remember the curtain of a soap opera My hope, "She is Camilla Galardo and is the great voice of Chile," said the international star of curly hair and an angelic face originating from the Chilean version of reality The Voice,

A writer of endless lyrics that went through love, joining him in the middle of the show, born in Lujan, handed out two unreleased songs in live karaoke. "I would like you all to be the models of this new video," he warned with two giant screens behind him, the function of which was that attendees could read refree from anywhere.

An aerial view of the Veles stadium, full of a fan who would celebrate Luciano Pereira's twenty-year career.

An aerial view of the Veles stadium, full of a fan who would celebrate Luciano Pereira's twenty-year career.

released stay with me, that was in turn Marry you and with him the powerful request of a Luciano, who can make all these gentlemen ruin, accompanying their partners. "All men can take advantage of this evening to ask their wife for marriage" have caused those who at the end of the show received a double platinum box for more than 40,000 copies sold in physical and digital format, sold after starting his tour in Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and the United States.

After 120 minutes when the sound of charrango, accordion, and violin led to different climates of the evening, the singer – whose costumes Total white from the shirt and trousers caused a sigh – he gave up the emotion.

Sensitive to tears in execution of Your hand his more human side appeared. "When we unite, we Argentines can do a lot of things," said Lucciano, who separated from the role of advertiser, asked them to turn gifts that are thought to him into donations to create a social crusade.

Then, among the white balloons multiplied in the audience, it was a tribute to his godfather in the profession. The image of the late Horatio Guarani has filled the first with emotion again I Festilindo, who honored him in every scene of Memories of an old song,

In the heart key and in front of most of the women in the area where there were posters with phrases such as "Lou, you are my polyamory" – there was a place for a fun circular journey that lifted even more 23 degrees of temperature. Selected among the audience by a stunning crown of lights, a lady who is 50 years old at the foot of the stage, threw the bottom of her underwear to Luciano's joke. "How did you know the son was my favorite color?"

The guest of the house, the Chilean star Luciano Jara, received the applause of his version Forget to forget as the singer Antonio Jose (also opening act of the show), glad of his When you fall in love,

And if something was lacking in the two decades of Luciano Pereira's triumphs, it was the artistic (and personal) intervention of his friend and colleague Soledad Pastorutti, who, at the request of the public, combined his talent with another version of the hit Guilty or not of Luis Miguel.

"It's not politics, it's music and music that unites us," he said, while the Jury's Jury La Voz Argentina"In spite of the fact that we always had to compete for different companies, there was never a crack between us and we should be happy when the other is doing well in all areas."

The musical promise of childhood, this time not only because of its classic ballads but also motivated by the merging of this genre with urban rhythms and Latin Latin pop, exploded with rocking dance qualities. The public, grateful for his moving thigh, was applauding.

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