Monday , September 27 2021

Luis Miguel was not well received in Mexico: boom and criticism

Luis Miguel is about to come to Argentina and the concerts are sold. But not all audiences expect this in the same way.

This week the King of the Sun was excited in the recitation of the National Audience in Mexico City and also received heavy criticism.

According to the press, the artist took 45 minutes to go on stage, and despite the fact that the public received it with great love, the disagreement was sharpened by the "mariachi" block.

Luis Miguel

There, Luis Miguel entered the late songs, looked as irritable, and even struggled with the musicians who accompanied him. As if that was not enough, in one case the singer appeared in front of the audience with the closing of his low trousers. And as a last touch he threw the microphone.

"There was no half-concert and sophisticated song, someone to help him and leave him in rehabilitation," one of his fans said. "Open at the beginning, drunk, I did not know what song he started singing, he threw the microphone twice," another writes.

Luis Miguel was outraged

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