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Luxury life of the borrower, filled in a mafia setting, aroused the violence in Rosario – 12.12.2018

In his family on Facebook, albums alternate with others in which he shows excesses, luxury, disturbing posture, and even the image of some of his referents: Colombian drug addict Pablo Escobar or fictional mobster Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino movie "Scarface ". Luciano Maldonado has had an inaccurate activity, although for the researchers something is clear: it has always been linked to the dark world of crime. Its end, for many, was announced.

On November 10, he disappeared when he visited friends. His body appeared three days later in an open field near the casino in Rosario, south. His hands were tied, three shots in his body, one on his neck, and a sign among the clothes he noticed: "Do not fuck with the mafia"It is not clear whether he was tortured. The murder brings violence to the center of the scene in a city he has registered an increase in the number of killings after five years is low,

Maldonado appeared on social networks with various weapons and ammunition.

Maldonado appeared on social networks with various weapons and ammunition.

Maldonado was 37 years old. Your links to members of the the group "Los Monos" they glide into various investigations. Esteban Alvarado, a man who has been convicted of stealing high-end cars and identified as one of the players in the Santa Fe drug business, remains a fugitive because of his death.

Alvarado's name reappeared in the final hours, following attacks on the two shots of the judiciary of Rosario. "You're not fucking the Mafia. Eat: Esteban Alvarado ", said a sign opened by officials from the Center for Criminal Justice. However, the underlying hypothesis is that behind the attacks is the Los Mons' hand, which would show dissatisfaction with the sentences received last week.

According to the researchers, Maldonado has connections with several heavy weights in the city. He is a lender who can perform other tasks, such as money laundering or providing weapons. The money he has earned is invested in property and even in some trade. In the past, I had had reasons threats, extortion, injuries, misuse and illegal use of weapons,

Social images are multiplied by images of machine guns, pistols, and ammunition boxes. Tables filled with weapons. Even your little son is exposed to one. "The same tastes as Dad," says a text that accompanies this photo.

The portrait of luxury cars is also common. Researchers believe they are part of the work to convert money into criminal groups. This, in their opinion, in justice, can come to an end an unfortunate business Maybe Alvarado was pushing. Portraits in Bucolic Landscapes, Expensive money, drinks and expensive jewelery They try to show it happily, successfully, but above all, scary. On the day he disappeared, he was alone and helpless.

Another weapon Maldonado showed on his social networks.

Another weapon Maldonado showed on his social networks.

He told his family that he would eat a barbecue in Godowi, in the southwest of Rosario. He lives in Tabylida, one of the districts crossed by drug lawsuits. Curiously, hours later his car, the Chevrolet Cruze, was parked in front of his house, as he always did Maldonado. But he did not show up. The family tried to contact him on the phone, but the mobile phone never received a reply,

They discovered it three days later in an open field full of thistles, near Las Flores, where the strength of Los Monos rose and grew.

Although the message written on an unsecured card found next to the body reminded the others who were thrown out after various shooting against judges, episodes related to the Cantérer's clan, the elements the researchers agreed to point out in another direction. "(Alvarado) may be an instigator or may be a participant"What we know is that he has a share in the murder," said prosecutor Matthias Edery.

The study of the cameras and the GPS route of the Maldonado car helped to establish that, before being killed, the victim was in a house in Alvarado, an open neighborhood of the town of Pinerro, in the southeastern part of Gran Rosario.

When investigators searched for this address, they found documentation related to 14 homes. One of them, as current owner, was Javier Mahat, a commissioner who worked as an assistant Second Chief of Dangerous Drug Intelligence to the investigative police, and knowing that this information had been separated from his position.

It works to determine whether Alvarado and Mahat they had an old connectionThis alleged connection was warned to its superiors in 2013 by Gustavo Gulawa Pereira police. This inspectorate commissioned drug business investigators but was brought to trial for his alleged collaboration with Los Monos, although he was finally acquitted.

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