Monday , January 18 2021

Magnolia already shows passion for fashion like China Suarez

La China Suarez shares with Instagram some gentle pictures of her daughter where she is very interested in shoes.

The times in which China Suarez He uploaded pictures and videos to his youngest daughter Magnolia, all watching the same. The baby is very similar to her mother. She has clear eyes and full lips. The revelation of his face was a great surprise for all the follower of the actress. No one could believe how similar they were.

A few months ago, China Suarez She was encouraged to share photos of Magnolia and occasionally posted very tender moments with her. It is not the same case of his eldest daughter, Rufina. She tries not to show her face because her father, Nicholas Caber, does not like her and prefers to keep the girl's privacy. But this is not true for the baby, which is the result of the actress's current relationship with Benjamin Vikunja. Both uploaded pictures of the girl in the nets.

On Monday afternoon, he puts a story about his 10-month-old daughter, who is biting into something. When you rotate, you can see that it is up to a shoe box. In a joke mother writes "De tal palo …" referring to her passion for shoes.

on China Suarez is a great lover of the application of Instagram. It has 3 million followers and usually posts photos often. But he does not always receive compliments from his followers. Last week, she showed her change in demand for Polka, which will appear next year. He dabbled all his hair and eyebrows blond, and several of his followers could not remain silent and told him he did not fit. She said, "Guys, I'm an actress, my job is to adapt and put the body and soul of the heroes, my goal is to prepare, not to be sweet."

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