Sunday , June 13 2021

Maradona's foolish festivities and the gentle breath of Diguito Fernando in the greatness of Dorados

Diego Armando Maradona's Goals and Crazy Holidays in the Victory against Zakatepek

Little by little, Diego Sinaloa from Diego Armando Maradona seems to have found his way and they achieved their second consecutive victory. All of Culiacan won 3 to 0 against Zacatepec for the Copa MX thanks to the goals of Julio Nova, Edgar Lopez and Francisco Baes.

With this victory at home those led by the former coach of the Argentine national team appear in the first set of Group 3 with six units, the same as Zacatepec, but with a better goal difference. On the last day they will receive Keretaro in search of the last 16.

Diego once again was the center of the show with his fairy tales and crazy feastsIn the first he could not believe the game Nana had encountered, and in the second he unfolded all his fury, clutching his fists, moving his hands and making a loud cry.

The victory was not the only joy of Maradona, as in one of the stadiums on the eve of his sixth birthday was Digitus Fernando, the son he had with Veronica Oheda. "I am happy because my son Diigito has been six years old, filled my heart, they told me he had screamed for the purposes", says DT.

The encouragement of Digigo Fernando to his father's team

El Diego publishes a video on his Instagram account, where he can appreciate the child's breath. – Come on, put an egg. Come on, Dorados!he shouted.

The Technical Director of the Big fish He stressed the task of 19-year-old young man Francisco Contreras, author of a great goal. "They went to see him in the reserve and he scored five goals, he was a little tired but he said," Professor, I do not lose it. "Tomorrow he has to go to all the TVs, all the radio stations coincide?"

"In the second half we found the places we did not have in the first one when the opponents are expecting us," analyzes the coach of the team of Kuliakan.

Maradona also had encouraging words for Argentinean Ricardo Valino, coach of the rival team: "I wish him the best, I have known him for a long time." PASS, and here they talk to me after I won 3 at 0.

The next commitment from Dorados de Sinaloa will be Saturday at midnight when he receives Atlante. Those led by Diego marched in the final placement of the Ascenso MX with only 3 units in 4 presentations.

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