Sunday , June 13 2021

Maradona's funny moment, Diguito Fernando and Yana, in pure jumping in a game of trampolines

The Daughter of the Ten is filmed with his brother and father who enjoy time together.

Maradona, Diguito Fernando and Jana have fun in a set of trampolines

Going to Verónica Ojeda to Sinaloa, Mexico Diego Fernando, your son, be closer and closer than ever Diego Maradona, Yana Maradona he showed his followers how, far from family quarrels, he had fun with his father and his younger brother.

Daughter of the Ten shares in Instagram of the three jumps in a set of trampolines, games she enjoys with the whole baby, and that allows her to take Jana and the same ex-boyfriend to her more crazy side. So everyone seems to be jumping, doing acrobatics and pure laughter in entertainment.

Time for father and children! Diego Maradona and their children, Jana and Fernando Diguito in a park with trampolines.

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