Monday , July 26 2021

Marcos Penya: "Maurizio Macri is the best way to win the election"

On another day, overwhelmed by economic hardship, where the risk rose in the country and the dollar closed at $ 45.90, Chief of Staff Marcos Penya tried to clarify the panorama of electoral uncertainty confirming this Mauriceio Macri will again be a presidential candidate and that there will be no "Plan V".

In dialogue with TN, Peña ratified: "Makri is the best way to win the election, he will be the candidate"and add that "The natural way to continue the transformation process is Makri to continue working as President Maria Evgenia Vidal in Buenos Aires Province and Horaceo Rodriguez Lareta in Buenos Aires"Thus, the Chief of Staff dismissed Plan V, which some political analysts and the business sector encouraged, claiming that the governor is a presidential candidate.

Regarding the rumors about changes in the National Cabinet, Penya ruled out that he had thought of his resignation: "There are no changes, no magical solutions."

The government's reference is maintained to the economic situation that Argentina is going through. "The election year generates the uncertainty of continuing with change or returning to populist policies",

"This is not a difficult day for the government, it's a tough day for the Argentinians", said a new day, marked by rising country risk and a new dollar record, which closed at $ 45.90. Penna blames opposition: "Instead of diagnosing, they will have to ask what they will do if they win to reduce this uncertainty."

For the leader of Cambaymos, the electoral confusion with which "The world looks at the Argentine process and takes the precautionary measures" it will be extended until 22 May when the lists of candidates are established. "The clearer way to continue the change will help to reduce the risk"he continued.

Although he believes Argentina is "one of the most fragile economies," he said. "We have unprecedented international support",

Speaking of the steady rise in the US currency, he said: "The exchange rate movement is below inflation, we are not used to the floating exchange rate, to talk about the lack of control with the dollar is a mistake."

Advises on studies that offer favorable scenarios for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to the detriment of Cambismos, he said the polls "do not tell you what will happen, they are indicators that know where society stands; It is a bit serious to talk about voting ",

The head of the cabinet admitted that "There are voters of Cambiemos disappointed"But he ratified the course again: "We will continue along this path, these elections are determined by persuading Argentina to keep going to the future ",

In a part of the interview, he was consulted on voters who admit that they had a better economic situation than the previous government and replied: "The memory of the greatest purchasing power is to understand that it is based on the burning of reserves; left us the country merging with the empty treasury. No developed country manages to do so with the policy of kirchnerism, those who have graduated as Venezuela ",

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