Saturday , January 16 2021

Mariano Martinez's disappointment with his friend Juan Darts: "I am devastated because I believed in something that was not"

And like all of them, now as well Mariano Martinez approached his mother,

On Wednesday afternoon, still shocked by the rape indictment – which happened in 2009 when Fardin was 16 and Darts, 45, Martinez left his message on Twitter. "I am devastated because I believed in something that I was not, as certainly many have happened, because yesterday I do not sleep, Sorry, Cal! My heart is torn from Telma. And for every woman who suffers and suffers.

In February of this year, and in the middle of the media and the legal conflict between Darts and Rivero, Mariano posted several pictures on the networks with the actor he met with fiction. She says love (2005). Taken in the privacy of his home and with his three children, he accompanies the images with a brief but strong text: "A visit to a friend".

Today Mariano regrets that he did not believe in Kalou's word, like many others. But he regrets that he trusts Darts.

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