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Marie Claire | The Mediterranean detox clinic, which is the rage in Europe


10 years ago, Argentinean Alfredo Battaler Parietti suffered from serious health problems that could not be answered in traditional medicine. In search of a better quality of life, she began to be treated with an Oriental doctor who is an expert in nutrition and natural therapies. Not only did he find prosperity, his life changed forever.

After his experience – and with the help of his family – He decided to turn his summer home into the Gulf of Altea (an hour's drive from Alicante and two from Valencia) to a clinic which he called the SHA Wellness Clinic.

Since then, he has practiced a method that combines strong therapeutic nutrition, exercise, natural therapies and advanced treatments in preventative, regenerative, aesthetic and cognitive stimulation to achieve a state of balance for each individual,

Over time, they have managed to position themselves internationally as the paradise of what is now understood as the new detox. "The main definition of this concept is the purification of the body through the elimination of toxins," explains Alejandro Battaler, Vice President of SHA.

It is important to understand that detoxification is a natural ability: the body is constantly responsible for neutralizing and eliminating toxins. However, given their excess, whether due to malnutrition, contamination or a sedentary lifestyle, you may not be able to effectively develop this treatment. "

It is for this reason that the clinic offers a comprehensive detox, which manifests itself both physically and emotionally. "Nutrition is a starting point as it is key to the process of eliminating toxins. We then add treatments and therapies that speed up the process, such as colon hydrotherapy (which cleans the intestines to absorb nutrients) or ozone therapy (which purifies the blood).

The clinic, located in the Bay of Altea, specializes in providing true mind and body detox

On the other hand, stress, anxiety, and frustration cause energy blockages that worsen energy and vitality, make us sick and need to be unlocked with effective alternative therapies – such as acupuncture, mindfulness, or shiatsu – that help to achieve full balance. "Butler says.

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Disconnect with yourself. This is the prerequisite for all doctors and specialists in the clinic. There are many options for feeling good and everyone is prepared so that each patient is transformed and in balance.

Healthy aging, restorative and preventive and genetic medicine, as well as aesthetic alternatives (lymphatic drainage, indica, mesotherapy, hydropower, copper enzyme, many), strength and cognitive stimulation combine to achieve the long-awaited goal.

The programs adapt to the needs of the visitors: there are two to achieve overall well-being, three options for weight control and detoxification, one for stress management, another for strength and two for rejuvenation. "When one seeks for a good body condition, everything is aligned. I don't really think it's possible to have fantastic physical health if you don't have good mental and emotional health, "Battaler says.

Palace facing the Mediterranean

The white building of SHA is set on a large hill that stands out amongst the greens of the mountains and recreates a landscape as unique as it is cozy. In the distance, you can see the Mediterranean blue sea and beyond, the Sierra Hellas mountain range, which recreates the perfect setting to forget about your routine and to plunge into the universe in pure relaxation.

The clinic, located in the Bay of Altea, specializes in providing true mind and body detox

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White coats and slippers are clothing indicated to enjoy this clinic. Fun relaxing music and natural aromatic water are available to her visitors in every corner of the huge building. Silence and cordiality prevail at all times. The first step consists of a health examination and a general medical check so that specialists will then determine the appropriate treatments for each patient.

The clinic, located in the Bay of Altea, specializes in providing true mind and body detox

Nutrition is one of the main axes of treatment. The restaurant – overlooking the sea, the mountains and the endless pool – serves breakfast, lunch and dinner only (no chance of eating between meals). The diet is healthy and therapeutic and is based on Mediterranean food fused with Asian, prepared with local and seasonal organic ingredients.

The menu, controlled by the Harvard Medical School, always avoids red meat, semen sugar, dairy products and eggs. With the exception of the fact that you cannot drink fluid while eating, it is difficult to notice that a person is following a special diet: the dishes are delicious, original and satisfy the appetite.

There are three menus: SHA (to learn how to eat healthy and healthy but gourmet), Biolight (shown for patients who want to quit smoking, reduce stress or control weight) and Kushi (the strictest option) intended for weight loss)

The clinic, located in the Bay of Altea, specializes in providing true mind and body detox

The healing drinks that accompany the diet are, in addition to water, oriental teas with Daikón, Kuzu, mu, Kombu, Shiitake and Kuchika. The nutritionist chooses, according to the characteristics of each patient, which one is best for drinking and at what time of the day. SHA also offers hiking with different levels of difficulty across the mountains or the beach, yoga classes, sweets and organic food.

In addition, it has a micro-cinema and a huge, holistic-themed reading library so that all its guests can enjoy themselves in the midst of their treatments and activities. It's amazing how the body quickly becomes accustomed to the serenity of the place, as well as its diet and healing. Debugging is noticeable from day two.

Energy and vitality emerge, as well as a good rest and pleasure to live in the present without thinking about what is to come.

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