Thursday , July 29 2021

Marina Calabro, irritated by the attitude of her sister Iliana: "I hurt, I did not deserve to know a colleague"

The journalist learned through the means of the extrajudicial agreement between her sister and her widow Emilio Dissiand he said something.

Marina Calabro's reaction to learn about the agreement signed by Iliana with the widow of Emilio Dissi

After the scandal that unleashed the strong claims of Elvira Ferrer, widow of Emilio Dissi who slipped it Iliana Calabro I kept a guess In her affair with her husband, the actress sent him a letter requesting her to withdraw and finally reached an out-of-court settlement before the mediation.

But he was surprised Mariana Calabro I did not know about family novelty. And when asked about it, she does not hide her feelings: "I did not fight her now, if you ask me if it hurts me not to tell me that I signed an out-of-court agreement with Elvira, it hurts me, and it seems to me, that I did not deserve to hear from a colleague, "he said. violators,

"Fighting, I'm not afraid of Iliyana, now if you ask me if it hurts me not to tell me that I have signed an out-of-court agreement with Elvira, it hurt me.

"At one point I expressed this pain, because when I knew I already knew, I said" that, and that? "And she said," Oh, I was just going to tell you … "I was angry, called and did not care about her, but it was the hysteria of the moment," he added.

He then shared part of the conversation she had with Iliana: "Later I understood because she told me that if it ran out, as it really did, because the other party took care to do it," I could think has expired on your part. "He says he did this to keep me from knowing and being like the disbeliever.

– I mean, I'd understand, I'd accompany you, why did not you tell me?

– I preferred to cut it, I respect it, it sounds good and she should not consult me ​​or ask me for an opinion or something else, if I had asked for it, I would not sign it. Why did not you tell me? "Nothing else, thinking it was cold, maybe it's better this way, and you can not live your life in the battles, Iliana decided not to save her, and I respect her," Marina shut her.

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